Letter to Governor Haley from Paul M Weaver, Chair-Carolina’s Section of AEG

Paul Weaver, Chairman of the Carolina’s Section of AEG, wrote a letter to Governor Haley about the South Carolina LLR 2012 Regulatory Report. The letter addresses his concern for the reports recommendation to eliminate the professional licensing of geologists in the State of South Carolina. [January 30, 2012] Dear Governor Haley:

Geology License on the Chopping Block Again in South Carolina

It is 2012 and the LLR in South Carolina has issued their annual report.  In an effort to cut cost, what better program to kill than one that pays for itself like the Geology Licensure Board.   So what is their reason?  Read Below:

Part 1 – Pilot Test Equipment Selection

You have finished your assessment and have determined the vertical and lateral extent of impact. Now the real fun begins. What kind of system will I need to clean this mess up? One of the first things to consider is the type of contaminants you have and the chemical properties such as vapor pressure, specific gravity, and solubility.

Part 2 - Performing The Pilot Test

To get started with the pilot testing we need to take a look at our site conditions and determine what technology we want to try.

Part 3 - Full Scale System Selection

With the pilot test data in hand it is now time to select the equipment for our full scale system. First let's take a look at what we have learned about the site:

The Environmental Remediation Industry In 2011: Does Quality & Service Still Matter?

Having been in the industry for over 30 years, it is disturbing to see what the environmental remediation industry has become.  Gone are the days where having the job performed to the highest professional and safety standard was most important and the price was a distant second or third.  I am not completely sure but I believe the transition started around the same time the State Agencies began

Are North Carolina Lawmakers Trying To Dissolve NCDENR?

Recently, it came to my attention that several NC lawmakers have their sights set on weakening the NCDENR (North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources) and eliminating the excise tax that funds environmental programs such as the Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund.

New Bioremediation Technology Available Soon

For the past several months I have been working on a new remediation process with OxyGreen Corporation.  The process involves a patented electrolysis cell for producing pure oxygen from water insitu.  Electrolysis is not new, obviously, but this application is.  The interesting thing is this system can run on household current, and is designed to polish off the sites that are almost cleaned up,

Low-Flow Groundwater Sampling Becoming The Norm

With a growing emphasis placed on the application of low-flow sampling techniques for groundwater sampling, equipment manufacturers have begun developing new instrumentation to meet the needs of the environmental professional.  Low-flow sampling has become the standard for groundwater sampling.

OxyGreen Enhanced Bioremediation System

On Wednesday January 4, 2011 a press release was posted by  Enviro-Equipment and Oxygreen Corporation about their new electrolysis cell.  This process of breaking molecules apart has been around for a long time and here we are seeing an application for the environmental industry.  The previous version of the cell has been used at a number of sites in Florida and Illinois along with the injectio