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On Wednesday January 4, 2011 a press release was posted by  Enviro-Equipment and Oxygreen Corporation about their new electrolysis cell ( http://www.enviroequipment.com/newsletter/Oxygreen%20News%20Release.html ).  This process of breaking molecules apart has been around for a long time and here we are seeing an application for the environmental industry.  The previous version of the cell has been used at a number of sites in Florida and Illinois along with the injection of microbes and nutrients in some cases.  The results were good and several sites received No Further Action letters from State agencies.  The new cell will produce quite a bit more oxygen and will still operate on 110 volt power.  The controls will be quite different and a programmable logic controller will be added to monitor and adjust the current to the cell and determine when cell needs to be cleaned or replaced.  The test video ( http://www.enviroequipment.com/remediation_rental/Oxygreen_GW_Oxygenatio... ) shows the amazing production of oxygen and hydrogen by the prototype cell.  The constant availability of oxygen to the indigenous bacteria will speed the removal of petrochemicals.  Other processes to date have only provided pulses of additional oxygen and required many injections to get the job done.  I look forward to leading the field testing program for the new system and seeing what it can do.

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