Air Sparge System Rentals

Enviro-Equipment, Inc. rents Air Sparge Pilot Test Units as well as Air Sparge Systems for full scale site remediation. Our Air Sparge Pilot Test Units and Air Sparge Systems for rent include name brands such as Speedaire, Ingersol Rand, Rotron, Sutorbilt, Tuthill and Roots.

Air Sparge Pilot tests are performed in order to size the full scale Air Sparge System for site remediation. Most pilot tests rentals last a day to a week but some tests are conducted as long as a month. Given the shorter duration of a Pilot Test, our Air Sparge Pilot Test units are small, mobile rigs that allow for easy transport and setup.

Enviro-Equipment Inc.'s Air Sparge Systems are for full scale site remediation projects. Unlike an Air Sparge Pilot Test Unit, an Air Sparge System is typically mounted on a skid or inside a building or a trailer and is for a semi permanent installation. Air Sparge System rentals for full scale site remediation at minimum last for weeks, often months and in some cases years. For long term rentals lasting more than 3 months Enviro-Equipment Inc. offers special long term rental rates at reduced prices as well as a rent to own program. Please contact us for our special long term rental rates or our rent to own program.

Air Spage Blower Package with ROOTS URAI 53 Blower and 10HP 240/460V 3PH Motor, 3" Exhaust Silencer, 2.5" Inlet Filter, 0-15 PSIG Pressure Gauage, 1" Pressure Relief Valve, 2" Bleed Air Valve w/ Ball Valve, 460V 3PH Panel with HOA, Timer, Transformer, Hour Meter, Motor Starter, all skid mounted.

Hydrovane V04 Air Sparge / Bio Sparge Skid capable of 19.5 CFM @ 100 PSIG, including filters, pressure regulator with gauge, 4 zone manifold each with ball valve, flow meter, pressure gauge. 80 gallon receiver tank with electric auto drain. Start/Stop Control Station wired 230V 1PH with 20' power cable.

Air Sparge System with Rietschle DLR300 Rotary Claw Compressor with 20HP Motor, Heat Exchanger, 6 Point Manifold with Solenoid Valves, Flow Meters, Pressure Gauges, UL Listed Control Panel with HMI and PLC, All Housed in Enclosed Cargo Trailer with Acoustical Foam Soundproofing, Interior Lighting and Thermostatically Controlled Exhaust Fan.