Water Sampling Equipment

  • Stainless steel & teflon components resistant to contamination.
  • High flow rate capabilities, up to 9 GPM.
  • Variable frequency drive controller allows for fine tune flow adjustments.
  • Fits in 2 inch wells and larger (cooling shroud required wells larger than 2")
  • Motor lead lengths of up to 300 feet.

Engineered specifically for Proactive's™ Poseidon 100, Frontier 100 and the SS Mini-Monsoon XL 100 pumps

The Pro Booster #1 is required to energize the Poseidon 100 pump, the Frontier 100 pump and the SS Mini-Monsoon XL100 pump. This unit is incorporated into a weatherproof enclosure and is designed for outdoor use. The Pro Booster #1 can be hooked up to either a deep cycle battery, or solar power and you can even hook it up to 220 volt or 110 volt outlet with Proactive Environmental Products Pro Transformer #2 (item #TR-12600).

Engineered specifically for Proactive's™ Abyss® (DTW 220ft) Pump

The Abyss® Booster is engineered specifically for the Abyss® (DTW 220ft). With the Abyss® Booster, the purge flow volume is doubled!

  • Sample from depths up to 33 feet (sea level) (max depth depends upon elevation, tubing and water density).
  • 120 ml/min to approximately 3.5 L/min flow rates standard.
  • Optional tubing adapter kit allows sample rate as low as 40 ml/min.
  • Powered by 12 volt DC 3-5 amp max draw.
  • Robust and water resistant metal case.
  • Ideal for vacuum pumping and pressure delivery of liquids or gases