AEG to The Rescue: Geology, Karma and Charles Livingston

I first heard of Charles R. Livingston – a man who at the time had 35+ years experience in geology, geotechnical and environmental projects throughout the U.S. – through the Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists (AEG) in 1987. I was a 30 year old Project Hydrogeologist and Environmental Department Manager for Law Engineering Inc. (LAW) in Greenville, South Carolina.

Do Your Environmental Remediation Systems Meet NEC Codes?

Selling remediation equipment is not like selling donuts, but both can give you a stomach ache at times. On occasion we receive really good bid documents and drawings, other times it might be a phone call and a sketch. In either case, we can’t just take the bid request at face value and give them what they ask for when we often find critical mistakes in their design.

The Importance Of Public Relations in Geology

Whether you consciously think about it or not, you are always involved in public relations when conducting geologic investigations. In addition to the technical skills required to successfully complete a project, the things you say and do (your attitude) can have a significant impact on how well the job goes. The example I am going to give you is something that happened decades ago, and it is just as relevant now as it was then. Some things don’t change much. Good PR is important!

Earth Day and Enviro-Equipment, Inc.: Talkin’ the Talk & Walkin’ the Walk

Although Enviro-Equipment, Inc. (EEI) wasn't around in 1970 when the first Earth Day took place, we have always appreciated that the world comes together one day a year to show appreciation for and commitment to both nature and our planet's environment.

Geologist or Policeman?

When things are going as they should be, you feel like a geologist. When the contractor elects to cut corners (to make a buck) and you have to come down on him, you feel more like a policeman. It is important to remember that you are not there to win friends and influence people, but to ensure that construction is performed as was intended.

Part 5 - Compressors: Rotary Screw, Reciprocating, Rotary Vane, and Rotary Claw

Compressors are used for a number of purposes on remediation projects including:

How Humidity & Cleanliness Affects the MiniRAE VOC Gas Detectors

Before the MiniRAE 3000 came on the market, Enviro Equipment, Inc. would often receive calls from customers wondering why their PID readings on their MiniRAE 2000 were so high when they were not expecting contamination to be present.

SCDHEC Reasonable Rate Document Changes Stir a Hornets Nest

I attended a meeting in August of this year held by The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) in Columbia, SC to discuss proposed State Underground Petroleum Environmental Response Bank 

Testing the MiniRAE 2000 & MiniRAE 3000 Measurement Ranges Using 11.7 eV Lamp

Many of Enviro Equipment, Inc.’s customers have asked us about the difference between the MiniRAE 2000 and MiniRAE 3000 measurement ranges with an 11.7 eV lamp, so I deci

Optical vs. Electrochemical Dissolved Oxygen Meters

When testing for dissolved oxygen in the field, an important thing to consider is the type of dissolved oxygen (DO) meter to use. There are several different types of DO sensing technologies, most of which fall under the category of optical or electrochemical sensors.