Used Air Strippers

Enviro-Equipment sells used remediation equipment. The list below is constantly updated, however we typically have items that may not be shown below.

Our inventory of used air strippers typically includes equipment from the following quality manufacturers: Carbon Air, Ejector Systems, Great Lakes Environmental, HydroFlo, ORS, Parkson, QED, NEEP ShallowTray, and RSI.

Win bids through Used Air Strippers by paying a fraction of the new price! Used Air Strippers and Oil/Water Separators can save you money without added risk of increased downtime. New Equipment combined with Used Equipment will still save you money and allow for more flexibility in Equipment selection.

All of the Used Air Strippers below are available for rent. You can also check out our Air Stripper Rental page for more information.

QED EZ Tray Model 6.4. Rated Flow 1-65 GPM. The E-Z Tray® Air Stripper is a sliding tray, stainless steel air stripper used to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from contaminated groundwater and waste streams. The exclusive design of the E-Z Tray stripper results in very high removal efficiencies in an easier to maintain process unit.

QED 25 GPM Poly Air Stripper Model EZ-2.4P with 4 Trays, Sump with Level Floats, 2HP XP Aeration Blower, 3HP Discharge Transfer Pump, UL Listed Relay Logic Control Panel Wired 230V 3PH, All Mounted on Skid

Shallow Tray 2631 Stainless Steel Air Stripper, 3 Trays, 115 GPM, 600 SCFM
7.5HP 3ph 3500RPM Centrifugal Fan Aeration Blower
2HP 3PH 3500RPM Goulds Discharge Transfer Pump
Sight Glass with 3 Level Float Tree (LL, HL, HLA)
230V 28Amp 3 Phase 3 Wire 60HZ Relay Logic UL 508/698 Control Panel with SO Power Cable
All Mounted, Plumbed and Wired on Steel Skid
Shallow Tray Model 3641 Stainless Steel Air Stripper, 160 GPM, 4 Trays, 900 CFM
Aeration Blower with 7.5HP 3PH Blower and Inlet Damper/Screen
5HP 3PH Discharge Transfer Pump
Sump with Pump On/Off Float, High Sump Level Alarm Float
Low Pressure Switch and Pressure Gauge
230V 3PH 37 Amp Weatherproof Relay Logic UL 508/698 Control Panel with SO Power Cable
All Mounted, Wired and Plumbed on Steel Skid