Air Sparging Equipment Applications

Air Sparging can be defined as the act of injecting pressurized air directly into contaminated groundwater in a geologic formation, thus volatilizing contaminates and supplementing biodegradation. Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) is often used to remove the volatilized contaminates. For more information on Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) please see our application guide.

The equipment typically used for air sparging applications starts with the compressor or blower. There are several types of compressors or blowers used for air sparging but the most common types include Regenerative Blowers, Rotary Lobe Blowers, Rotary Claw Compressors, Rotary Vane Compressors, Reciprocating Compressors and Screw Compressors. Different types of blowers or compressors generate different levels of air flow and vacuum. For assistance choosing the appropriate blower or compressor for your application, contact one of our trained professionals and also reference our application guide on pilot testing.

Depending on the type of compressor or blower you choose, it may need an intake particulate filter to protect it from dust, dirt and debris or an exhaust silencer to quiet it. Some compressors have high discharge temperatures and require an after cooler to prevent PVC piping from melting.

Control Panels are necessary to operate the blower or compressor. Controls range from a simple on or off control to advanced programmable logic controllers (PLC) with remote telemetry. Enviro-Equipment Inc. has an UL 508A and 698A licensed control panel shop in house to design, build and troubleshoot your control systems.

Several instruments can be used when air sparging. A Testo 445 can be used to measure air velocity, percent relative humidity and air temperature. Magnehelic Gauges or Pressure Transducers can be used to determine influence, or changes in pressure levels in monitoring wells. There are several different dissolved oxygen meters that can be used to read dissolved oxygen (DO) when air sparging.

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