Pilot Test System Rentals

Enviro-Equipment, Inc. rents soil vapor extraction (SVE), air sparging, dual phase extraction (DPE) and bioventing pilot test units to assist you in determining the most suitable remedial technology for contaminated soil and ground water projects.

NOTE: Remediation Pilot Test Rentals require a 1 week minimum rental period. 

NOTE: ALL Soil Vapor and Dual Phase Extraction Units come with a small Moisture Separator, Short Camlock Hose to Connect Moisture Separator to Blower, PVC Well Head Adapter and (1) 2" x 25' Camlock Hose to Connect Moisture Separator to Well Head Adapter. Additional 2" x 25' Camlock Hoses are available at additional cost.

NOTE: ALL Air Sparge Units come with a filter assembly which includes oil and particulate removal filters as well as a pressure regulator and flow meter. A PVC well head adapter is also included. (2) Hoses are included to connect the compressor to the filter frame and the filter frame to the well head adapter.