New Bioremediation Technology Available Soon

New Bioremediation Technology Available Soon

For the past several months I have been working on a new remediation process with OxyGreen Corporation.  The process involves a patented electrolysis cell for producing pure oxygen from water insitu.  Electrolysis is not new, obviously, but this application is.  The interesting thing is this system can run on household current, and is designed to polish off the sites that are almost cleaned up, but are still hanging on.  There are a lot of remediation techniques out there and I wanted hear what you think about this one.  A video of the prototype cell in operation is available on our website.  You can comment or ask questions on EEI’s Blog.  The cell requires 4-inch recovery style wells to operate, so it will fit into those existing pump and treat \ SVE wells that are not working for you any more. A press release about the process is provided below.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Brian E Chew, Sr P.G.

PRESS RELEASE: January 18, 2011
Lab Testing of a Bioremediation Process for Clean Up of Petroleum Contaminated Groundwater is a Huge Success for Enviro-Equipment, Inc. (EEI) and OxyGreen Corporation

Charlotte, NC and Cape Coral, FL [1/18/11] –Enviro-Equipment, Inc. (EEI), a provider of water quality monitoring instruments and remediation rental equipment, and OxyGreen Corporation, an engineering technology company, announced today the completion of laboratory testing of the next generation of OxyGreen Corporation’s patented oxygen generating cell. The testing was carried out at EEI’s laboratory and manufacturing facility in Charlotte NC.

The new generation oxygen cell is operated and monitored by a programmable logic controller (PLC) and is designed to produce a higher amount of pure oxygen than the previous design. In 2010, EEI was awarded an exclusive contract to manufacture the cells and system controls. The contract included software developed by EEI to monitor and control the OxyGreen system.

The OxyGreen system is a green, chemical free, bioremediation technology designed to remove petrochemical contamination left behind by most groundwater remediation systems which are primarily designed to only remove gross contamination. The OxyGreen technology is a natural way to oxygenate groundwater. The oxygen generated comes directly from the ground water via electrolysis.

The prototype cell was tested in a laboratory setting with a scaled down control panel. “The test results exceeded all expectations with increases in dissolved oxygen (DO) levels and changes in oxidation reduction potential (ORP),” according to EEI Principal Hydrogeologist Brian E. Chew, Sr. P.G. “The new cell design definitely facilitated the higher production of pure oxygen and the power usage to produce the desired production was less than anticipated. These favorable results mean that only minor changes will have to be made to the prototype cell and the controls before full production,” added Chew.

OxyGreen’s Chairman, Ed McLaughlin said, “We have customers lined up to use this technology on their sites. These sites are 60 to 80 percent remediated and need to be polished off to get their no further action (NFA) letters. McLaughlin and Chew have high expectations for the OxyGreen System and are especially pleased with results of their collaboration. “We have a remarkable opportunity here,” remarked Chew. “We have materials and fabricators all ready to go to supply OxyGreen systems to our customer base in the environmental industry,” Chew added.

“This technology means growth for OxyGreen Corporation and for EEI, but even more important, it means a new tool to improve the quality of the water supply for Americans and people around the world, “states McLaughlin. He added, “Environmental contamination by petroleum agents is a major problem, requiring billions of dollars annually in the US for remediation. The OxyGreen System can make a major contribution toward a safe environment and provide new jobs in the US.”

About Enviro-Equipment, Inc.:
Enviro-Equipment, Inc., a woman-owned small business founded in 1993, rents, sells, and manufactures environmental monitoring equipment used for pollution control, groundwater remediation, water and wastewater treatment, safety and industrial hygiene, and environmental assessment. The Charlotte, NC facility also offers water pumps, environmental sampling supplies, safety products, equipment repair, and training. Enviro-Equipment’s customers include colleges and universities, government agencies, industry, and environmental consultants in the ground-water hydrology and industrial hygiene fields.

About OxyGreen Corporation:
OxyGreen, Corporation is an engineering technology company that produces U.S. patented in situ ground-water bioremediation products. It is a 100% permanently and totally disabled combat veteran owned business.
For more information please visit:

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