Landfill Monitoring Equipment Applications

For studies in and around existing or closed landfill areas consultants use a host of equipment to check for leaks and yields of natural gas. This equipment is designed with regulatory compliance in mind. Typical landfill gases (LFG) monitored are Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen. The readings can be data logged and analyzed to determine leak points and landfill efficiency through the use of instruments like the Landtec GEM 2000Landtec GEM 2000 Plus and Thermo TVA-1000 FID.

The Landtec GEM 2000 and Landtec GEM 2000 Plus allow users to analyze LFG content in %/Volume levels from extraction and migration systems. These units can monitor for Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen simultaneously. The GEM 2000 Plus can also measure Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulfide. Pipelines can be analyzed at static conditions or against a vacuum in excess of 70" H20 if needed utilizing the units' strong internal pump. When operated in Gas Extraction Mode (GEM) these monitors can be configured to calculate gas flow in SCFM and energy measurements in BTUs from landfill wellheads.

The TVA-1000 is better suited for leak detection (LDAR) and LFG migration due to a lower detection limits in the parts per million range and up to 5%/Volume of Methane when outfitted with a charcoal filter adapter. It is easily portable and can be equipped with an extension wand for checking points at ground level or above head preventing excess bending or climbing. Data logging is an option and the unit can also monitor for other volatile organics present when operated without a charcoal filter. Please note, the TVA is a flame-ionization detector (FID) that requires Hydrogen as the fuel source to operate the flame.