2010 NC Safety Conference (Greensboro, North Carolina)

I recently attended the NC Safety Conference held in Greensboro, North Carolina. It is a good chance to see what is out there for safety managers and industrial hygienists in terms of new equipment, personal protective apparel and techniques. The conference is managed by NC Safety Conference, Inc. ( and offers free educational and training sessions to participants. I attended exhibiting our latest products for noise dosimetry, confined space entry, sound level, and particulate monitoring among others.

Environmental Monitoring Equipment: Should You Rent or Purchase?

Among environmental professionals, there has always been a major question when it comes to the equipment used every day. Should the equipment such as PIDs, water meters, dedicated bailers be rented or bought? While ownership does have it’s privleges, there are some decided advantages to renting the equipment that is used by environmental consultants.

The SVE Pilot Test

Exploring the SVE Pilot Test: What it is, why it is a Benefit, and the Viable Alternatives

Air Sparging

Air Sparging:   Is it the Right Choice for Your Next Remediation Project? Defining a Typical Air Sparge System

Choose Your PID Lamp Wisely

Almost daily we get requests for the use of a PID (Photo Ionization Detector) for field screening purposes. We always ask which lamp is needed or what constituents are you screening for. More times than not the person on the other end is a little unsure of what to say next.