Used Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

Enviro-Equipment sells used soil vapor extraction remediation equipment.

The list below is constantly updated, however we sometimes have items that may not be shown below. Our inventory of used soil vapor extraction units typically includes equipment from the following quality manufacturers: Atlantic Fluidics, Carbon Air, Dekker, Gast, Gardner Denver, Nash, Roots Dresser, Rotron, SoilVac, Sutorbilt, Travani and Tuthill. We also sell new Dekker, Rotron and Roots vapor extraction units.

Win bids through Used Soil Vapor Extraction Remediation Equipment by paying a fraction of the new price! Used Remediation Equipment can save you money without added risk of increased downtime. New Equipment combined with Used Equipment will still save you money and allow for more flexibility in Equipment selection.

All Used Soil Vapor Extraction Remediation Equipment Systems below are available for rent.

Soil Vapor Extraction consisting of Gast R6340R-50 Regenerative Blower with 4HP 3PH XP Blower, outlet silencer, vacuum relief valve, vacuum gauges, KO Tank with sight glass, demister pad/filter, KO Tank high level float switch, 230V 3PH XP disconnect and relay logic control panel, 3 leg SVE Manifold, all skid mounted

Used High Vacuum SVE or DPE Skid Including Busch MM 1142BV Claw Blower with 7.5HP 3PH XP Motor, Knockout Tank with Sight Glass, 3 Level Floats, 4 Zone 2" Inlet Manifold, Moyno 34408 Progressive Cavity Pump with 1HP 3PH XP Motor, UL 508/698 Relay Logic Weatherproof Control Panel 230V 3PH, Mounted and Plumbed on Steel Skid, Wired for Class 1 Div 2 Group D Hazardous Location Outdoor/Weatherproof Installation
Rotron EN909 15HP 3PH XP Blower, Solberg Inlet Vacuum Filter, Carbon or Oxidizer VCV Bypass Piping, KO Tank with Electrically Actuated Inlet Valve, Clear PVC Sight Glass with Level Float Tree, Ebara 0.75HP 3PH XP Transfer Pump, 200 Gallon Poly Storage Tank with Level Float, Dwyer 1950 XP Low and High Pressure Switches, Vacuum Gauges, Weatherproof 240V 3PH Relay Logic Control Panel, All Mounted on Painted Steel Skid.