Proactive Abyss Booster

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Proactive Abyss Booster


Engineered specifically for Proactive's™ Abyss® (DTW 220ft) Pump

The Abyss® Booster is engineered specifically for the Abyss® (DTW 220ft). With the Abyss® Booster, the purge flow volume is doubled!

  • Doubles the Abyss® pump line  purge flow volume
  • Doubles your time efficiency
  • Simple and easy to use plug and play
  • Economical solution to a vast range of applications
  • Save money! Eliminate archaic, bulky & expensive equipment
  • User-friendly setup takes roughly 15 minutes
  • Ideal for off-the-grid projects
  • Ideal for remote sites without AC power
  • Look like a PRO when your clients see how much money you save them by doing the job twice as fast with Proactive®  Pump Boosting Technology