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What VOCs Are and How They Affect You

The next time you’re out shopping, you may notice that some products have the words “low VOCs” on their label. An increasing amount of manufacturers are using this label because of the growing awareness of the harm that VOCs (i.e. volatile organic compounds) pose to human health.

How Humidity & Cleanliness Affects the MiniRAE VOC Gas Detectors

Before the MiniRAE 3000 came on the market, Enviro Equipment, Inc. would often receive calls from customers wondering why their PID readings on their MiniRAE 2000 were so high when they were not expecting contamination to be present.

Testing the MiniRAE 2000 & MiniRAE 3000 Measurement Ranges Using 11.7 eV Lamp

Many of Enviro Equipment, Inc.’s customers have asked us about the difference between the MiniRAE 2000 and MiniRAE 3000 measurement ranges with an 11.7 eV lamp, so I deci