Earth Day and Enviro-Equipment, Inc.: Talkin’ the Talk & Walkin’ the Walk

Earth Day and Enviro-Equipment, Inc.: Talkin’ the Talk & Walkin’ the Walk

Earth Day and Enviro-Equipment, Inc.: Talkin’ the Talk & Walkin’ the Walk

Although Enviro-Equipment, Inc. (EEI) wasn't around in 1970 when the first Earth Day took place, we have always appreciated that the world comes together one day a year to show appreciation for and commitment to both nature and our planet's environment.

Appreciating the Earth is all well and good, but as a company with the word 'Environmental' (by way of the word 'Enviro') in its name, it's important that we practice what we preach by operating our business in an environmentally responsible manner which is why we would like to take the opportunity to use this month's blog post to outline all the ways that Enviro- Equipment, Inc. (EEI) shows our commitment to our shared environment.

  1. Environmental Remediation Equipment Decommissioning Service: First and foremost, several years ago EEI launched a nationwide environmental remediation and equipment decommissioning service, which enables large industrial sites and US military bases across the country to safely and effectively decommission equipment and associated systems used for environmental remediation. What's more, EEI's trained experts will accomplish this at little or no cost to the concerned parties which gives these businesses and military bases an opportunity to save 50% over the cost of a new remediation system.

    By squeezing extra life out of existing equipment and systems use form remediation, our repurposing efforts indirectly helps to reduce the burden placed on landfills as well as lessening the pressure put on industry to extract more raw materials from the earth.

    Bear in mind that decommissioning as aforementioned remediation systems and equipment involves properly deconnecting all power lines and abandoning existing groundwater wells in addition to overseeing the task of shaping the use equipment back to our company's facility in Pineville, North Carolina. In fact, EEI's Vice President Brian E. Chew says "I consider repurposing used remediation equipment as a form of conservation, because we recycle used and unwanted equipment that would otherwise end up in a landfill. With raw material and manufacturing costs continuing to rise, we're able to build used remediation systems out of useable equipment that would otherwise gather dust and rust in back lots. And the used remediation systems that we create are designed to last 10-20 more years if maintained properly, which is welcome news to their new owners."

  2. Eco-Friendly Lighting: EEI only uses "green tip" low mercury fluorescent lamps and then disposes of them according to proper North Carolina State waste management regulations.
  3. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle: EEI recycles all of the used cardboard, paper, glass containers, batteries, motor oil, calibration gas cylinders, computers and any aluminum cans we accumulate in both of our facilities.
  4. Reusing Office Furniture: EEI purchases used office furniture from local auctions and when we don't need it anymore, recycles the furniture instead of throwing it out.
  5. Green Printing Practices: EEI practices "green printing" by purchasing recycled paper and then printing on both sides of our printed documents.
  6. Reducing Wasted Energy: EEI turns off the lights and adjusts the thermostat during business hours in areas of our facilities when not in use. In addition, our thermostat is programmed to automatically save energy before and after working hours.
  7. Eco-Friendly Equipment: EEI sells environmental field supplies that are low-waste-energy-manufactured and are made from recycled materials. An example of this is the EcoPlug locking well caps and EcoBailerssampling bailers.
  8. Reusing Shipping ContainersEEI reuses all our shipping containers until they are too damaged to use again and then we recycle them.
  9. Community Recycling: Starting in 2005, I set up a recycling program in the business park where our corporate office is located. The program follows all local city & county guidelines and I continue to manage the program for the complex.

Although some people may say that any type of environmental supply company has to look good by publicly demonstrating its commitment to being environmentally conscious, EEI does so more because we really care about the type of planet we leave our children and believe strongly in taking steps to improve the world we leave them. However, we would be lying if we didn't admit to the fact that "going green" not only shows that we're a company that "walks the walk and talks the talk", but running our business in an environmentally conscious way also saves us money without sacrificing our commitment to serving our customers.

I guess you could say that to us, every day is Earth Day.

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