Press Releases

Laser Particle Counter Rental

Due to increasing demand for laser particle counter rentals for indoor air contamination investigation and monitoring, Enviro-Equipment, Inc. adds the TSI AeroTrak 9306-V2 to its inventory. The instrument complies with all requirements of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 21501-4.

AEG Equipment Training

Enviro-Equipment, Inc., a leading supplier of environmental sampling equipment and supplies, held a free training seminar at their lab in Charlotte, NC on Saturday, March 19, 2011. Sponsored by the Carolinas Section of The Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG) to provide educational opportunities for its members, the program was presented to environmental professionals from major consulting companies, as well as Geology students from local universities.

OxyGreen Lab Testing

OxyGreen Corporation, an engineering technology company and Enviro-Equipment, Inc (EEI), a provider of environmental monitoring instruments and remediation rental equipment, announced today the completion of laboratory testing of OxyGreen Corporation's patented oxygen generating cell.

MET Labs Certification for Control Panel Shop

Enviro-Equipment, Inc., (EEI) a manufacturer of new and refurbished\used remediation equipment control panels, recently announced that its control panel shop received UL 508A and UL 698A certification from Met Labs. The two certifications allow the company to build custom panels to whatever specification customers want – and certify to UL standards that they're safe from electrical shock and fire hazard.

Enviro-Equipment Donates Rental Equipment to National Safety Council

In 2007 EnviroEquipment Inc. (EEI) continued to invest in its community by donating equipment to a local EEI customer who volunteered to teach at a National Safety Council Training Event held in Charlotte. In 2008, EEI is getting more involved by donating environmental rental equipment to the National Safety Council itself for training purposes.

S&ME Industrial Hygiene Class Equipment Donation

S & ME's Mike Garrett Instructs Industrial Hygiene Class with Environmental Rental Equipment Donated by Enviro-Equipment

Mike Garrett, CIH, of S&ME volunteered to teach a full-day program on Industrial Hygiene at the Advanced MESH (Manager of Environmental Safety and Health) training program held in Charlotte during June 2007. Sponsored by the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina, the North Carolina Department of Labor, and the North Carolina State University-Industrial Extension Service, the program was presented to 20+ environmental and safety professionals, representing a wide range of industries throughout North Carolina. Those in attendance had already earned their MESH Certificates and were advancing to more complex topics.