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August 30th, 2011

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Enviro-Equipment, Inc Adds Carbon Change Out Services and Bulk Carbon Media Sales

"Enviro-Equipment's goal is to keep as much spent carbon out of landfills as possible."

Enviro-Equipment, Inc (EEI), a leading manufacturer of UL listed control panels and specialized environmental remediation equipment, announces today the addition of Carbon Change Out Services and Bulk Granulated Activated Carbon Sales.

Charlotte, NC, August 30, 2011--Enviro-Equipment, Inc (EEI), a leading provider of environmental monitoring and remediation equipment, is now offering carbon media change out and disposal services within 250 miles of Charlotte, NC. The Company also stocks bulk granulated activated carbon (GAC) and ships to anywhere in North America.

Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) is used for adsorption of pollutants from air and water in many applications. In liquid phase operations it is typically used for ground-water remediation, and drinking water filtration. For vapor phase applications it is used in air purification, odor control, and to capture volatile organic compounds from dry cleaning, gasoline, or painting operations and other industrial processes.

“As a part of EEI’s expansion of remediation services, the Company is supporting the need for bulk carbon media, carbon vessels and field replacement of spent carbon media,” states Brian Chew, Vice-President of EEI. “Our Remediation Division built a portable change out system to be truck mounted, that will speed the removal and replacement of carbon media on site. We also stock virgin and reactivated carbon media for vapor phase and liquid phase applications in our Pineville, NC warehouse.”

GAC reactivation and disposal services are also offered by Enviro-Equipment. Their Field Service Technicians are 40-hour OSHA certified, are medically monitored, and receive extensive operations and maintenance (O&M) training. Carbon profile test data must be provided to determine if the carbon can be reactivated. Certificates of destruction are provided upon request. "Enviro-Equipment's goal is to keep as much spent carbon out of landfills as possible," added Chew.

About Enviro-Equipment, Inc.
Enviro-Equipment, Inc.(EEI), a woman-owned small business founded in 1993, rents, sells, and manufactures environmental monitoring equipment used for pollution control, ground-water remediation, water and wastewater treatment, safety and industrial hygiene, and environmental assessment. The Charlotte, NC facility also offers environmental sampling supplies, safety products, equipment repair, and training. Enviro-Equipment's customers include colleges and universities, government agencies, industry, and environmental consultants in the ground-water hydrology and industrial hygiene fields. To learn more, visit the company’s website http://www.enviroequipment.com or call 888-274-8929.