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  • Flow range: 0.8 to 5 L/min; 5 to 850 mL/min with low flow adaptor.
  • Datalogging capability: start/stop time, flow rate, volume sampled, temperature
  • Battery life: 10-40 hours depending upon pressure load.
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Casella Apex Pro Air Sampling Pump Rental $25.00 $60.00 $180.00

The Casella Apex Pro is a portable air sampling pump with a digital display. It is capable of datalogging information such as start and stop times, flow rate, average sample temperature, and total volume sampled. The flow rate can easily be adjusted and calibrated. The Casella Aprex Pro makes tedlar bag sampling simple with the 'bag' flow rate setting. This setting allows the pump to sense when the tedlar bag is full and automatically shut off. The Casella Apex Pro has programmable settings such as Time Weighted Averages (TWAs) and start & stop times. It is capable of flow rates as low as 5 mL/min to 5 L/min.

Items Included:
  • Apex Pro Air Sampling Pump
  • Charging Dock
  • Owners Manul
  • Carrying Case

Flow Range

  • 0.8 to 5 L/min
  • 5 to 850 mL/min with low flow adaptor

Flow Control Accuracy

± 5% for selected flow, ± 3% for calibrated point

Flow Performance (Flow, max vacuum pressure)

  • 1.0 L/min @ 80 cm H2O
  • 2.0 L/min @ 80 cm H2O
  • 3.5 L/min @ 32cm H2O
  • 4.0 L/min @ 18 cm H2O
  • 5.0 L/min open flow

Battery Voltage and Capacity

4.8 V NIMH / 2.7 Ah

Inlet Pulsation Ratio

<10% using Dewell Higgins Cyclone @ 2 litres/min approx. 7.5 cm H2O. Satisfies EN1232, NIOSH 0600

Displayed Values

Real flow rate, volume sampled, elapsed sample time, temperature, operating mode, program details


typically > 2500 hours

Operating Temperature

5°C to 45°C

Storage Temperature

-10° to + 50°C

Charging Technique

Drop-in Intelligent fast charger. dT/dt fast-charge termination with safety time out. Standby trickle charge mode keeps pump ready for use.

Typical Charge Time

3 hours for full charge

External PSU (for drop-in charger)

Output 12 VDC, 0.8 A, Universal input voltage

Memory Protection Time with No Battery

Approximately 20 minutes


Infrared transducer (via RS232-infrared computer link)

Recorded Values

Start & stop times, flow rate, average sample temperature, volume sampled and errors


Approx. 136 x 78 x 46 mm

Weight with Battery

Approx 460g