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Cirrus Research doseBadge Personal Noise Dosimeter
  • Small size and light weight
  • Time History data logging
  • New Reader unit with large backlit display and simple to use keys
  • No cables or controls reduces the risk of damage, misuse or tampering
  • Rechargable battery power for doseBadges
  • doseBadges can be programmed to either Q=3 (ISO) or Q=5 (OSHA)
  • Includes the new dBLink and doseBadge Database software.

This item is no longer available.

The doseBadge is a unique solution for Personal Noise measurements. The new CR:100B version of the doseBadge provides not only the measurements essential for compliance with Occupational Noise regulations, but with the new RC:100B Reader unit it can store up to 24 hours of LAeq Time History data including Peak(C) and Overload exceedences. In addition to the new hardware, a suite of software is available to suport the new features and functions.

The doseBadge can only be operated (reset, calibrated, started and stopped) using the Reader unit or the Keyfob remote control. This dramatically reduces the possibility of the wearer tampering with the unit. The small size and light weight design of the doseBadge also reduces the risk of damage to the unit.

The measurements provided the doseBadge have been designed to allow full compliance with Noise at Work regulations, while giving a simple output that can be easily understood.

The design of the doseBadge allows the case to be much smaller than a conventional dosimeter. This ensures that the movement of the user is not constricted by cables and connectors. The unit has no controls or switches, with all functions controlled by either the RC:100B Reader unit, or by the RC:101B Keyfob Controller. The rechargable battery is sealed within the unit and is charged using the reader unit or by additional charging blocks.

The RC:100B Reader can store up to 255 measurements, from any number of doseBadges. For example, the user can start a system with a single badge, a reader and a power supply. The system can then be expanded by simply adding more badges and block charging units as required. Kit cases are available to hold up to 10 badges and accessories.

In most situations, the doseBadge is supplied as a complete measurement kit, with the user simply specifying the number of badges required.

Ordering Information

doseBadge Measurement Kit Contains Charging Facility
CK:100/1 1 x CR:100B doseBadge CU:100A 2 way Charger
CK:100/2 2 x CR:100B doseBadges CU:100A 2 way Charger
CK:100/5 5 x CR:100B doseBadges CU:101A 5 way Charger
CK:100/10 10 x CR:100B doseBadges CU:102A 10 way Charger

The individual components can be ordered separately, for example when expanding a kit with more doseBadges. The components are:

CR:100B doseBadge
RC:100A Reader Unit
CU:195A Power Supply

CU:100A 2 Way charger unit
CU:101A 5 Way charger unit
CU:102A 10 Way charger unit

UA:100 Windshield for CR:100A doseBadge

CK:100 Carrying Case
SW:W100RD 100 Read for Windows Software
ZL:700 RS232 Communications Cable

RC:101A Keyfob Remote Control

SP:024 Spare doseBadge Mounting Kit