Rental Accessories

We offer gas regulator rentals for customers who do not have a regulator for their gas canisters.  Different flow rates and types of regulators are available depending upon your application.

An external charcoal filter may also be used in series with the external water filter and should be installed on the instrument side of the external water trap filter. The charcoal filter is used when known or suspected levels of H2S, hexane, propane, or other non-methane hydrocarbons exceeding one hundred ppm. Presence of these gases can affect the methane channel by indicating artificially high concentrations of methane. The charcoal filter needs to be condition with Calibration gas before use.

The TLV Sniffer Dilution Probe has an O-ring covering holes designed to admit fresh air to dilute, by a factor of 10, any gas sample passing through the probe.  With the O-ring moved to expose the dilution holes, the 10:1 dilution ratio enables the TLV Sniffer to indicate concentrations up to 100,000 ppm, allowing sample concentrations above the normal 10,000 ppm limit of the sniffer.

NOTICE: The actual dilution ratio is dependent upon the quality of the air which provides the dilution.  If the dilution holes and probe tip are sampling from the same atmosphere, no dilution actually occurs.

The TVA Charcoal Filter Tip is an accessory that can be installed or attached to the end of the standard probe or to the end of a telescoping extension.  The filter is filled with activated charcoal which acts as an adsorbent and effectively filters out organic vapors other than methane or ethane.


  • Obtaining a clean air sample for zero baseline check and adjustment.
  • Rapid screening of methane and non-methane organic vapors.
  • Selecive screening for natural gas surveys.

The TVA Extension probe is an accessory that makes sampling easier when tracing a pipeline or sampling in areas near the ground surface.  The probe minimizes stress on the worker so they do not have to crouch while sampling.

A pump cooling shroud must be installed on the pump when using the pump in a larger than 2" diameter well casing. The cooling shroud isolates the screened suction interconnector and forces water to circulate past the pump motor. If using the pump cooling shroud in a larger than 2" monitoring well, be sure to install the shroud correctly. The set-screws should be anchored to the pump housing, not the screen. The screws are mainly intended to keep the shroud from sliding off the pump. If they are over-torqued, they will impede the rotation of the impellers and guide vanes and inhibit pump performance.

Enviro-Equipment offers 12 Volt Deep Cycle Marine Battery Rentals for use with groundwater sampling pumps.  These batteries are commonly used when a vehicle is not able to access the sampling area at the site.

NOTE: This item is not available for shipping! The order must be for local courier or pickup at our office.

  • Extends maximum pumping depth to 350+ feet for select Proactive 12V SS submersible pumps.
When using the Proactive® Drop Tube and Weight Combo it is suggested the pump is submerged roughly 10 feet in liquid and pump placement around 7 feet above the rated lift capacity upon pump start.

We offer extra TVA hydrogen tank rentals when the two tanks that come with the rental are not enough.  The hydrogen gas tank has a volume of 85 cc which provides approximately 8 hours when fully charged (2200 psi MAX at 25°C).  The TVA 1000 requires ultra-high purity hydrogen as the fuel source.

NOTICE: If the hydrogen tanks need to be shipped filled with hydrogen, it is a hazardous shipment and will incur extra shipping fees.  The tank MUST BE VENTED/EMPTY when shipping them back.  We include the hydrogen tank fill adaptor if you prefer to find your own source of ultra-high purity hydrogen to fill them.

Version: 5.80 - 09/2015

The Trimble® GPS Pathfinder® Office software rental gives you access to the software during the course of your rental.  Once your rental is completed, the software will be deactivated from your PC and no longer operational.