Dual Phase Extraction System Rentals

Enviro-Equipment Inc. rents dual phase extraction systems for liquid and vapor phase remediation. The equipment listed below is our current rental inventory for dual phase extraction systems that are ready to rent. We also have a large inventory of Used Dual Phase Extraction Systems in stock that can be made available for rental upon request and a proper amount of lead time.

Our dual phase extraction remediation systems are 5 HP and larger to handle multiple well applications. See our Dual Phase Extraction Pilot Test System Rentals page for smaller systems designed to run a single well pilot test (typically 3 HP and smaller systems).

Special pricing and rent to own options are available for long term projects. Call us at 866-655-8267 or email us at [email protected] for questions or to request more information.

Used High Vacuum SVE or DPE Skid Including Busch MM 1142BV Claw Blower with 7.5HP 3PH XP Motor, Knockout Tank with Sight Glass, 3 Level Floats, 4 Zone 2" Inlet Manifold, Moyno 34408 Progressive Cavity Pump with 1HP 3PH XP Motor, UL 508/698 Relay Logic Weatherproof Control Panel 230V 3PH, Mounted and Plumbed on Steel Skid, Wired for Class 1 Div 2 Group D Hazardous Location Outdoor/Weatherproof Installation