Used Dual Phase Extraction Systems

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EEI-1138 Dual Phase Extraction System

Travaini Oil Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum system including 2HP 3PH XP motor, inlet filter, psi gauge, Hg gauge, temperature gauge, float switch, control panel; all skid mounted

EEI-1141 Dual Phase Extraction System

Dual Phase Extraction system with A75 water seal liquid ring vacuum pump, tank, control panel, 2 zone manifold; all skid mounted

EEI-1142 Dual Phase Extraction System

Dekker VMX0082MA2-00-CS Dual Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Skid with 5.5KW Motors, Control Panel, Knockout Tank.

EEI-1143 Dual Phase Extraction System

Dekker VMX0082MA2-00-CS Dual Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Skid with 5.5KW Motors, Control Panel, Knockout Tank.

EEI-1147 Dual Phase Extraction System

Travaini Vacuum Pump with 25HP 3PH TEFC Motor, American Industrial Aftercooler, Oil Separator Tank with Floats, Oil Pump, Nema 4 Controls, Skid Mounted

EEI-1292 Dual Phase Extraction System

Mobile Dual Phase Extraction Trailer with 20HP Dekker Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, Moyno Progressive Cavity Transfer Pump, Knockout Tank with Level Floats, 6 Zone Manifold, Diesel Generator, Control Panel, All mounted on 6 ton Hudson Trailer

EEI-1316 Used Claw DPE Treatment Trailer

DPE Treatment Trailer with Rietschle VLR-500 Claw Blower with 15HP 3PH XP VFD Rated Motor, KO Tank with Progressive Cavity Pump, 10 GPM OWS with Pump Out and Product Tank, Shallow Tray 1341P Air Stripper with 3HP NY Blower and Pump Out, 24x 2" DPE Manifold Legs split into two zones with XP electrically actuated ball valves and timers, 240V 1PH Weatherproof Control Panel with Phase Converting VFD for Blower, Weatherproof Power Distribution Panel, Sensaphone 4G LTE Cellular Telemetry System, Enclosed Trailer with Class 1 Div 2 Interior Wiring, XP Heaters, Exhaust Fan, Lights, Thermostats, etc. 

EEI-1346 Dekker DPE Skid

Dual Phase Extraction Skid Including 75 CFM Dekker VMAX Vacuum Pump Model VMX0082 with 7.5HP 3PH Motor, Inlet Vacuum Air Filter, Vacuum Relief Valve, Brass Dilution Gate Valve with Filter Silencer, 80 Gallon KO Tank with SS Demister Pad, Sight Glass with LL HL HLA Level Float Tree, Moyno 34401 Transfer Pump with 1HP Motor, Gauges, 2” Steel Exhaust Stack, 230V 3PH Weatherproof UL508/698 Control Panel, Class 1 Div 2 Group D Skid Wiring, Skid Mounted with 4 Way Fork Lift Pockets

Used Busch MM1402AV Claw SVE DPE Skid Stock #1340

Used High Vacuum SVE or DPE Skid Including Busch MM 1402AV Claw Blower with 10HP 3PH TEFC Motor, AWS120-3 Aluminum Knockout Tank with Sight Glass, 3 Level Floats, Moyno 35651 Progressive Cavity Pump with 1.5HP 3PH TEFC Motor, UL 508/698 Relay Logic Weatherproof Control Panel 460V 3PH, Mounted and Plumbed on Steel Skid, Wired for Class 1 Div 2 Group D Hazardous Location Outdoor/Weatherproof Installation