Carbon Blend Excavation
Carbon Blend

Reactivated Carbon Blend for Backfill and Excavations - 1000 Lbs. Super Sack

  • Mix with backfill materials in excavations and trenches.
  • Available in 1000 lbs. super sacks.

Reactivated Carbon

Provides an economical option when virgin carbon is not required.  Thermal processes restore the activated carbon’s adsorptive capacity by up to 95% of the carbons original level.

Typical Properties*

Parameter Unit Value Method
Type   Reactivated  
Surface Area m/ gm 800-1000  
Iodine Number mg / g >800 ASTM D4607
Bulk Density g / l 450-500  
Moisture as Packed % wt 5 ASTM D2867
Ash % wt < 14  
Mesh Size US Sieve      
+30 Mesh % wt 5% Max  
-30 Mesh % wt 95% Min  
-325 Mesh % wt  5% Max  


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