HACH Ferrous Iron Test Kit Rental

  • Tests for ferrous iron between 0-10 mg/L.
  • Includes 25 reagent powder pillows.
  • Compare the reaction color to the color wheel to determine ferrous iron concentration.
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$30.00 $88.00

A simple to use colorimetric test kit for the determination of Ferrous Iron in water. The detection limit of the kit is 0 - 10 mg/Liter. The kit is supplied with enough reagent powder pillows to perform 25 tests. Extra reagent powder pillows may be purchased in advance, if necessary.

The 1,10 phenanthroline indicator in the Ferrous Iron Reagent reacts with ferrous iron in the sample to form an orange color in proportion to the ferrous iron concentration. Ferric iron does not react. The ferric iron (Fe3+) concentration can be determined by subtracting the ferrous iron concentration from the results of a total iron test.

Method Name Color disc/ 1,10 Phenanthroline
Parameter Iron, medium range - As Fe2+ (ferrous iron)
Range - Fe2+
Ranges 0.2 - 10.0 mg/L Fe2+
Weight 1 lb
  • Color Disc, Iron Phenanthroline
  • (25) Ferrous Iron Reagent Powder Pillows, 25 mL
  • Measuring Vial
  • (2) Viewing Sample Tubes
  • Color Comparator
  • Carrying Case
  • Instruction Card