HACH Digital CO2 Titration Kit Rental

  • NaOH titrant and phenolpthalein indicator included for carbon dioxide titration.
  • Measurement ranges: 10-50, 20-100, 100-400 and 200-1000 mg/L CO2
  • Uses a precision dispensing device with compact cartridges to dispense titrants.
Rental Rates
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$51.00 $138.00

Hach's Digital Titrator is a new concept in titrimetric analysis. It is a precision dispensing device fitted with compact cartridges that contain concentrated titrants. Accurate titrations are made without the bulk and fragility of conventional burets.

A main drive screw in the Digital Titrator controls a plunger which forces the concentrated titrant from a titration cartridge in a carefully regulated flow. The titrator body is constructed of precision-molded, heavy-duty, chemical- and impact-resistant acetal plastic. Accuracy is rated at ± 1% or better for a titration of more than 100 digits. For titrations less than 100, accuracy is ± 1 digit.

Titration solutions (titrants) are packaged in disposable polypropylene or Kynar® containers with Teflon-covered neoprene seals and polyethylene resealable closures to cover the cartridge tips. Each cartridge contains approximately 13 mL of titrating solution, enough for 50–100 average titrations. Titrant solutions are typically controlled to ± 0.5% concentration with normality and tolerances listed on the label. Titrant concentrations are designed for titrations of 10 to 40 turns (100 to 400 digits) of the delivery knob. For the most commonly used concentration ranges, the digits appearing in the counter window correspond to the sample concentration.

Range (mg/L as CO2) Sample Volume (mL) Titration Cartridge (N NaOH) Catalog Number Digit Multiplier
10-50 200 0.3636 14378-01 0.1
20-100 100 0.3636 14378-01 0.2
100-400 200 3.636 14380-01 1.0
200-1000 100 3.636 14380-01 2.0
Delivery 800 digits/ml or 0.00125 ml/digit
Accuracy ±1% for readings over 100 digits. (Uncertainty of readings is 1 digit. Most samples require more than 100 digits.)
Cartridge Volume 13 ml
Test per Cartridge Most reagents are formulated to provide 25 typical titrations. The number may vary depending on sample concentration. Extra reagents are available upon request.
  • Digital Titrator
  • Phenolphthalein Indicator
  • 250 mL Erlenmeyer Flask
  • 100 mL Graduated Cylinder
  • Titration Cartridges
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carrying Case