Geotech SS Bladder Pump Rental

  • Sample from depths of 180 feet using the geocontrol PRO mini-compressor (separate rental)
  • Powered by 12V DC battery.
  • 1.66" and 0.85" diameter stainless steel pumps available.
  • Teflon or Polyethylene bladders available (sold separately).
Rental Rates
Daily Weekly Monthly
$72.00 $215.00 $608.00

The Geotech Bladder Pump is great for groundwater low flow sampling. Adjustable flow rates allow for minimal drawdown and hydraulic stress. The bladder pump is easy to operate and can pump to depths of 180 feet. The down well tubing is able to fit into monitoring wells as small as 1 inch!

Geotech's portable bladder pumps were designed with input from field technicians who actually do the sampling! Single turn release heads and quick change bladders have been incorporated for quick in-the-field bladder changes and easy decontamination. Custom hose barbs allow the pump to be suspended without the need for tubing clamps.

The geocontrol PRO™ is the newest addition to Geotech's long tradition of exceptional quality controls and bladder pumps. The ultra reliable mini-compressor inside allows you to sample from depths to 180 feet! No more lugging heavy, dirty, and noisy compressors into the field or those dangerous nitrogen cylinders. The geocontrol PRO saves you time, saves your back and saves you money!

Pump Size 1.66" 0.85"
Pump Housing SS, 316 SS, 316
Pump Ends SS, 316 SS, 316
Bladder Material Virgin PTFE Virgin PTFE
Outer Diameter 1.66" 0.850"
Length w/ Screen 19" 18 5/8"
Weight 3.0 lbs 1.1 lbs
Volume/Cycle 150 mL 29 mL
Minimum Well ID 2" 1"
Maximum Operating Pressure 100 PSI 100 PSI
Minimum Operating Pressure 5 PSI (above static head) 5 PSI (above static head)
Maximum Sampling Depth 180' with Geocontrol PRO 180' with Geocontrol PRO
Tubing Size Air Discharge
1.66" Pump 0.17" ID x 0.25" OD 0.25" ID x 0.375" OD
0.85" Pump 0.17" ID x 0.25" OD 0.17" ID x 0.25" OD
  • Geotech Bladder Pump (0.85" or 1.66")*

* Bladders and tubing not included