Casella CEL 62X Sound Level Meters

  • Single large noise measurement range, 20 to 140 dB
  • Broadband, octave and third octave frequency measurements.
  • Meets IEC 61672 / 60651 and ANSI S1.4 Class 1 or Class 2.
  • Large internal memory for datalogging.
  • Statistical noise level measurement (Ln%) available.

Many environmental and industrial noise measurements require a complete knowledge of the variable noise level climate over a representative period of time. The CEL-62X Series sound level meters are designed to satisfy this need as a short term measurement instrument. They can measure the popular max, min, peak and time average levels. The wide 120 dB dynamic range means that the user does not need to worry about changing the input range settings as it will always be on the right range. The provision of the three popular frequency weightings and the three time weightings enable many different measurements to be taken by new and experienced users alike to correctly characterize the noise.

The CEL 62X Series Sound Level Analyzers can be purchased with microphones to meet either Type 1 or Type 2 ANSI and IEC accuracy standards. They also can be purchased as either a broadband only meter (Model A); broadband plus whole octave measurement meter (Model B); or broadband, whole octave, plus third octave meter (Model C).

Features Available CEL-620 CEL-621
Class 1 or Class 2 models to ANSI/IEC (compliant with all national and international standards dependent on microphone fitted)
Broadband only ‘A’ model no frequency analysis BB and octave ‘B’ model with 11 octave bands BB and 1/3 octave ‘C’ model with 33 1/3 oct bands (choose model depending on frequency detail required)
Wide single dynamic range 20 -140 dB (no danger of being on the wrong range)
Measures everything simultaneously (no need to select frequency, time response or amplitude exchange rate)
Pre-programmed and user selectable data views during measurements (no worries about incorrect settings because the most popular workplace noise requirements for OSHA, DOD, ISO are already set)
Fixed microphone/preamplifier (for short term hand held or tripod based measurements)
Direct connection to computer via USB interface (computer sees sound level meter as a standard memory stick)
Direct import of overall result set into standard office programs such as MS Excel (overall run results are available very easily)
Storage of overall run result data (99 sets of up to 95 data values measured during the run and shown in software)
Fixed duration run timers (1 sec to 24 hour allow for unattended finish for the run after manual start)
Download to Casella Insight software (dedicated Plugin for viewing, reporting and archiving results)
5 x Statistical LN% parameters (4 fixed plus 1 user selectable for the whole run time)  

P65 Warning

Total measurement range 20 to 140dB RMS (single range), 143.0 dB Peak
Frequency weightings RMS Simultaneous A, C & Linear (Z)
Frequency weightings Peak Simultaneous A, C & Linear (Z)
Time weightings Simultaneous Slow, Fast & Impulse
Amplitude weightings Q3, Q4 and Q5 (Q4 & Q5 applicable to Lavg only)
Thresholds 70 to 90 (dB) in 1 dB steps (applicable to Lavg only)
Noise floor < 33dB(A) Class 2, < 25dB(A) Class 1
Runs stored 100
Display 320x240 pixel transmissive colour TFT
Frequency bands 11 octave bands 16Hz to 16kHz (CEL-620B model only)
Calibration information Stores pre and post run calibration date, time and level
Output (PC) USB 2.0 ‘A’ to ‘Mini B’
Batteries 3 x AA Alkaline (supplied) or rechargeable
External power 9-14V DC at 250mA via 2.1mm connector
Battery life 11 hours with backlight on, 20 hours backlight off
Tripod mount 1/4” Whitworth socket
Size mm (in) 72 x 229 x 31mm (2.8 x 9.0 x 1.2”)
Weight gm (oz) 295g (10.4oz)