You guys have done great in delivering and picking up equipment and working around our ever changing schedules, so thanks for that. Also, you have always had the equipment that I needed. Thanks again for your service and support.

Gabe Steil

Brian and Denise, In dealing with Evan, I am most impressed with his understanding of the client's needs and his ability to 'juggle'. You have raised a sharp young man and can safely consider retirement or extended vacations as he will be the Captain before you know it!


This is awesome service! Other equipment vendors are nowhere in the same league with you when it comes to service like this! Enviro-Equipment stands all by itself!

Mark C. Boland

Rental houses in the Raleigh-Durham area do not carry the QRAE II 4 gas monitor, but thanks to Eric @ Enviro-Equipment – Charlotte, he shipped the item overnight to us and our project was able to stay on schedule.. Many thanks for the great service and we look forward to renting again!

Pam Craft

The best thing about renting from Enviro-Equipment is that you're not just renting me a gizmo; I can talk to you and you listen and understand the unique monitoring challenge that I am facing. It's almost like the two of us are sharing the problem and working out the best solution together. That's why I like renting from you guys.

Kevin Cosgrove

As a loyal customer and client of Enviro-Equipment for approximately 15 years, I can genuinely say that I have never been disappointed with the service that the staff provides and the quality of their equipment. The equipment has always been decontaminated, fully functional, calibrated, and supplied with instructions and all necessary calibration fluids, spare batteries, and accessories. In addition, on behalf of a long-time client, I purchased a used skid-mounted rotary lobed blower complete with knockout drum, centrifugal transfer pump, muffler, vacuum gages, sight-glass, piping, and electrical connections from Enviro-Equipment 3 years ago. This SVE unit has been fully operational since it was installed.

Ted Volskay

I worked with the staff at Enviro Equipment for over eight years. In this amount of time I have ordered field supplies, various remedial equipment as well as turn-key remedial systems. The entire staff are always professional, polite and very knowledgeable. The remedial systems are constructed with the highest quality equipment and standards.

Bryan K. Lievre

I couldn't ask for more professional and accommodating service from the moment I inquired about the rental, to the support using the unit all the way through your understanding of the shipment. Truly a 5-star company from every aspect I've seen and I really appreciate that. I can assure you we'll be doing business again and at the earliest opportunity I will be recommending you to anyone who needs specialty acoustic equipment. Thanks again!

James Cookson

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Kyle from the initial equipment order to the final invoicing process. The entire Enviro-Equipment team worked with me through several re-schedules due to severe weather closures and site changes.

Ian Rasmussen

Enviro-Equipment always provides excellent equipment - clean, well maintaned, current calibration records, and great customer service. They are my supplier of choice for all rental equipment.

Tracy Campbell

Eric & Rand - I want to thank you both for delivering to us on our project a very good, high quality instrument with excellent patient service. Additionally, I have to commend you on your knowledge as I did call in the field during tests with download questions. I believe it was Rand walked me thru the steps very competently and calmly. Delivery was very good.  Thank you everybody for everything. You are a great resource that we will be using more in the future.

Todd Duresne

Words cannot express how awesome you are! Thank you for all of this information [remediation equipment proposal]. I don't even get half of this detail from the other guys!

Tena Seeds

The ToxiRae is a great little unit. I appreciated the excellent service from Enviro and will use you as the future source for any equipment rentals.

Jay Rupp

You guys have been great with the support. I really do appreciate it.

Amy D. Pemberton

I am writing to you to express my satisfaction with the service you have given to S&ME, Inc. As you may know, S&ME uses Enviro-Equipment, Inc. for most of its instrument rental needs. I, myself, use your services a great deal and wanted to tell you that I have had nothing but excellent service from your company.

I also wanted to specifically mention Rand Ratterree. He is always there with instrument rental advice, quick turn-around times, special request, etc. He is an asset to your organization.


I love when I call to place an order that your scientists always suggest items that I may need to go with my rental equipment order. This prevents me from being out in the field and realizing that I forgot something. I really appreciate that extra customer service.

Carole Matthews

Enviro-Equipment provides knowledgeable service on all of their equipment, along with providing excellent customer service.

Sheldon L. Sisk

I rented a Redi-Flo2 sampling pump from Enviro Equipment and had it out at a job site several hours away. I had a generator, but it was over current which prevented me from using my Redi-Flo2 Pump. However, instead of losing my entire day due to my generator, I was able to call Rand at Enviro-Equipment, Inc. and he was able to troubleshoot my generator over the phone even though the generator was mine. I'm writing to thank you as this saved me from losing an entire work day.

Kenny Cable

Thank you for your great and quick service. I like the way you do business.

Lou Scalpati

We can count on Enviro-Equipment to provide fast and courteous service whenever we need it. They are attentive to project-specific needs, and they make sure we not only have what we need, but that we know how to use it.

Courtney Withers

I am an environmental consultant that has been using Enviro-Equipment for six years. They have consistently provided quality equipment and service. Last month, I was sampling from a 100 foot monitoring well with a stainless steel submersible pump. I was in-between rolls of tubing and thought I had 100 feet left. I lowered the pump down into the well and realized I misjudged the amount of tubing I had left on my roll. I was probably 15 feet short of what I needed. So I turned to my truck to get another roll of tubing and when I turned around the pump and tubing had dropped to the bottom of the well. Unable to get the pump out by pulling on the electrical cable and afraid of causing damage to an expensive pump, I called Rand Ratterree at Enviro-Equipment for advice. After discussing some options, he decided to come out and give me a hand retrieving the pump. Long story short, we tried several things - two hours and a fishing line and hook won out. Thankfully, Rand was able to donate his time. This is the type of service that sets Enviro-Equipment above the others, and it is the reason I have been using them for the past six years.

Troy L. Holzschuh

All of you at Enviro do an excellent job. We could not do what we do without you!!

Janet Brown

I was very impressed with your knowledge and your thoughts pertaining to the technical parameters you were provided. Not only was your response fast, it was easy to review and understand. It has been a pleasure working with your company and we appreciate your ability to meet our turnaround time. Keep up the good work!

Krishna Mayenkar

I love the Redi-Flo 4 Pump and would buy it again in a heartbeat if I need to. Thanks again for coming up with it for me. You guys are great. You did all kinds of research for me and always responded to my questions. You all are definitely on my A list.

Jim Lopez

Rand is a true and valuable asset to have as a member of my company business team.

David Zimmerman

I’m an environmental consultant.  Upon unexpectedly realizing equipment necessary for an upcoming job was no longer working, we needed to get a hold of replacement equipment in a hurry.  Through Enviro-Equipment we were able to rent a device which was delivered the next morning and saved our job.  Everyone I have spoken with at Enviro-Equipment is very nice and that counts for a lot.

Jennifer Morrison