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  • Ideal instrument for leak testing in any closed system that can be pressurized with a helium tracer gas.
  • Measures helium and hydrogen from 25 ppm - 100% by volume.
  • Low range resolution ± 25 ppm, high range resolution ± 0.2%.
  • Humidity operation range between 10% RH to 50% RH.
  • 8 Hours of use per charge.
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Dielectric MGD 2002 Leak Detector Rental $90.00 $375.00 $995.00

The MGD-2002 hand held leak detector is the ideal instrument for leak testing in pressurized cables, storage tanks or any closed system that can be pressurized with a tracer gas. With detection capabilities down to 25 PPM the MGD can detect even the smallest leaks in buried telephone cables. The MGD 2002 is a portable leak detector that is easy to transport to any job location that requires leak detection. The tracer gases the instrument can detect include helium and hydrogen*.

*The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that the lower explosive limit for hydrogen (H2) gas is under 5%. Any concentration above this level, whether intentionally mixed or accidentally trapped in a confined space is highly explosive and unstable.

Items Included:
  • Dielectric MGD 2002
  • Battery Charger
  • Hard Case
  • Probe with Humidity Cartridge
  • Spare Humidity Cartridge
  • Yellow Long Arm Probe
  • Gas Line Adapter
  • Owners Manual

Temperature Range

14 to 113°F (-10 to 45°C)

Humidity Range

10% rH to 50% rH


  • Min = 25 ppm
  • Max = 1,000,000 ppm (100%)

Tracer Gases

Hydrogen (H) Helium (He)


  • Low range = +/- 25 ppm
  • High range = +/- 0.2%

Response Time

5 seconds (approx.)

Power Source

Ni-Cad battery pack

Run Time

8 hours of use per charge


AC or Car adaptors