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Used Oil Water Separator

Enviro-Equipment sells used remediation equipment. The list below is constantly updated, however we typically have items that may not be shown below.

Our inventory of used oil\water separators typically includes equipment from the following quality manufacturers: Carbon Air, Ejector Systems, Great Lakes Environmental, HydroFlo, ORS, Parkson, QED, NEEP ShallowTray, and RSI.

Win bids through Used Oil/Water Separators by paying a fraction of the new price! Used Oil/Water Separators can save you money without added risk of increased downtime. New Equipment combined with Used Equipment will still save you money and allow for more flexibility in Equipment selection.

All of the Oil Water Separators below are available for rent. You can also check out our Oil Water Separator Rental page for more information.

If you need pricing or don't see what you need, please give us a call at (866) 655-8267 or Email Us with what equipment you are looking for and we will do our best to fill your order.

Item Description Flow Model
EEI-1334 HyroFlo Technologies Model: FRP-2 Custom, 2- 5-GPM Oil Water Separator Fiber Glass Mat Construction (No Oil or Sludge Chamber on this model) Gravity Type - Rectangular Channel Coalescing Oil / Water Separator 5 GPM
EEI-1341 Carbonair COWS 75F Fiberglass Oil Water Separator 75 GPM 75 GPM COWS 75F