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Scott Scout Multi-Gas Meter
  • Carbon Monoxide: 0 - 999 ppm
  • Combustible Gas (LEL): 0 - 100% LEL
  • Hydrogen Sulfide: 0 - 500 ppm
  • Oxygen: 0 - 30%

This item is no longer available.

The Scout's advanced design incorporates some of the most advanced engineering you can find in a portable gas monitor.

The Scout was designed so that every level of operator can pick it up and use it. Scout's built-in intelligence means that both basic and sophisticated operations are simple and intuitive. Built-in flexibility means that Scout is configurable to operate in YOUR application.

• Switch between free-air (ambient) mode to sample draw mode with just a push of the IntellishutterTM button.
• No tools lock and latch battery replacement.
• Safety port only permits sample probe connection when Scout is placed in sample draw mode.
• Sensor life indication predicts sensor replacement prior to failure
• Fully configurable, Scout allows custom alarm settings, menus, User profiles, and location profiles
• Automatic high temperature shut down indicator

50 Hours!

Scout's Advanced Battery Management (ABM™) Technology can provide over a typical work week power on a single battery pack! 

Foolproof Intellishutter™ Design

Quickly change from diffusion mode to sample draw mode "on-the-fly" without tools. Shutter position is sensed to prevent incorrect operation. Sample draw port only permits a probe to be connected when the shutter is closed. 

Versatile and Easy to Use

Easy to use for both the basic and advanced user. Scout's userware can be configured for any level of user and stores up to 100 customized profiles for your teams.

Smart, Powerful Pump Adds Confidence

Optional integral pump permits samples to be taken from up to 100 ft away. Electronically integrated with the IntelliShutter™ to automatically begin operating upon shutter closure. Special low flow alarm sensing, automatic pump shutoff, and water blocking filters combine to protect the Scout from water damage.

Drop it. Soak it. Trust it.

Dropped tested to a concrete surface and submerged in water, Scout continued providing safe gas detection - without interruption - without failure.

A One-Touch Quick Release Battery

Convenient, no tools required battery swap-outs.

Detect up to 5 Toxic Gases Simultaneously

Hydrogen Sulfide detection are combined into one cost efficient sensor. With three additional sensor ports available, the Scout can detect up to 5 gases simultaneously and, unlike other multi-gas instruments, all five can be toxic sensors.

Never Have a Sensor Fail On-The-Job

Sensor end-of-life indication provides advanced warning of sensor replacement time.
"Instant recovery" feature eliminates sensor warm-up time so sensors work immediately after a battery change.

Ground Breaking Multi-Gas Monitor Features

Auto-ranges to % gas above 100 % LEL. Advanced configuration capabilities include data tagging, datalogging and exposure record keeping, and auto calibration. Direct reading air-free Carbon Monoxide monitoring capable.

Battery Charges That Last a Long, Long Time

Both the Alkaline and Lithium-Ion battery packs deliver power to the Scout for over 50 hours. "Old technology" batteries could loose their charge during extended storage periods or develop a "charge memory". Scout's batteries were specifically chosen to retain their charge over an extended storage period, and with Lithium Ion technology, no charge memory is developed.

Gas Monitor


Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO)

0-999 PPM

Combustible Gas (LEL)

0-100 %

Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor (H2S)

0-500 PPM

Oxygen Sensor (O2)

0-30 %



Sensors Available

Carbon Monoxide, Combustible (%LEL), Hydrogen Sulfide, Oxygen


Catalytic Bead, Electrochemical

Instrument Type

Combustible, Multi Gas Monitor, Toxic

Case Material

Magnum™ ABS with Nickel Plating

Dimensions (LxHxW)

7 1/2 x 2 5/8 x 4"


24 oz (.7kg) Alkaline version with batteries

Power Source

3 C-Cell Battery Pack or 3 Li-Ion Cell Battery Pack

Instrument Temperature Range

40°F to 122°F (4°C to 50°C)

Instrument Humidity Range

0-99% RH non condensing

Battery life

50 Hours with out pump

Typical Flow Rate

500 mL / min

Max Hose Length

100 ft with 1/8' ID tubing

Max Draw Vacuum

12" H2O

Alarm Flow Rate

.250 mL / min

Scott Scout Manual7.26 MB