Used Oil Water Separators

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VTC – 5 rectangular above grade, coalescing separator is used to separate and collect unwanted hydrocarbons from process water. The VTC is equipped with a simple and efficient rotary pipe skimmer to draw off separated oil for collection, and to ensure effluent discharge to help meet compliance. The VTC-5 is a compact/portable unit, flow rated up to 5-gpm. VTC -5 is constructed of corrosion with fiberglass with an external UV resistant coating. The piping is constructed of durable CPVC.

EEI-1344 5GPM Hydro-Flo OWS

HyroFlo Technologies Model: FRP-2 Custom, 2- 5-GPM Oil Water Separator Fiber Glass Mat Construction (No Oil or Sludge Chamber on this model) Gravity Type - Rectangular Channel Coalescing Oil / Water Separator

Stock #1354 HydroFlo DPT8 OWS

HYDRO-FLO DP-T-8 coalescing type gravity separator is designed for use in a wide range of applications. The DP-T-8 series includes a sludge hopper, integral oil reservoir, and vapor tight lid assembly. The DP-T-8 series can handle flows up to 25 gpm.