Used Air Strippers

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EEI-1059 Air Stripper

Shallow Tray Model 1321P Poly Air Stripper, 2 Trays, Transfer Pump, Float Switches, Pressure Switch, Magnehelic Gauage, American Fan Blower; Skid Mounted

EEI-1120 Air Stripper

Air Stripper skid with 1/2HP 3PH XP motor, AF-15 blower, magnehelic gauge, control panel; all skid mounted

EEI-1232 Air Stripper

Carbon Air Stat 30, 4 Tray Stainless Steel Air Stripper, Gast R613Q-50 3HP 3PH XP Blower, All Mounted on Skid

EEI-1281 Air Stripper

QED Model 8.6SS, 6 Tray, 75 GPM, Stainless Steel Air Stripper, Sump and Trays Only

EEI-1302 Air Stripper

Waste2Water Model 2-2-4 Aluminum Air Stripper with 4 Trays, 25 GPM, 210 CFM, includes pressure gauge, XP low pressure switch, sight glass with 3 level float switch for pump out, Loose American Fan AF-12 Blower with 3HP 3PH XP Motor.

EEI-1325 Air Stripper

QED 25 GPM Poly Air Stripper Model EZ-2.4P with 4 Trays, Sump with Level Floats, 2HP XP Aeration Blower, 3HP Discharge Transfer Pump, UL Listed Relay Logic Control Panel Wired 230V 3PH, All Mounted on Skid

Stock#-1353 QED EZ Tray Model 6.4 Air Stripper

QED EZ Tray Model 6.4. Rated Flow 1-65 GPM. The E-Z Tray® Air Stripper is a sliding tray, stainless steel air stripper used to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from contaminated groundwater and waste streams. The exclusive design of the E-Z Tray stripper results in very high removal efficiencies in an easier to maintain process unit.