Virgin Coconut Powdered Activated Carbon

  • Can be mixed in a slurry for carbon injection applications.
  • Made from high quality virgin coconut shell raw materials.
  • NSF 61 certified for drinking water applications.
  • Available in 50 lbs. bags and 1000 lbs. super sacks.

Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC)

Powdered activated carbon can be mixed with water into a slurry and injected directly into the subsurface to treat contaminants in-situ.

Virgin Coconut Shell Carbon

Due to its very high hardness and abundant micropore structure, coconut shell carbon is efficient at absorbing impurities commonly present in drinking water.

Typical Properties*

Parameter Unit Value Method
Type                                              Coconut Shell  
Surface Area, min m2/gm 1050  
Iodine Number, min mg/g 1000 ASTM D4607
Moisture As Packed, max % wt 5% ASTM D2867
Carbon Tetrachloride, min % wt 50 ASTM D5742
Ash, max % wt 6% ASTM D2866
Mesh Size US Sieve     ASTM D2862
100 Mesh % wt 99  
200 Mesh % wt 95  
325 Mesh % wt 90  


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