Magellan Meridian Gold GPS Rental

  • Normal accuracy: 7 meters, 95% 2D RMS, WAAS accuracy: < 3 meters, 95% 2D RMS
  • 8 Navigation Screens: Map screen, Compass screen, Large Data screen, Position screen, Road screen, Data screen, Speedometer screen and Sat Status screen.
  • Tracks up to 12 satellites
Rental Rates
Daily Weekly Monthly
$40.00 $122.00 $364.00

The Meridian Gold GPS is capable of 3-meter accuracy with WAAS GPS and has a 16 MB built-in mapping database. Some of the various functions it can perform include bearing, distance, elevation, heading, speed, northfinder, and more!  The Meridian has eight navigation screens: Map screen, Compass screen, Large Data screen, Position screen, Road screen, Data screen, Speedometer screen and Sat Status screen.

  • The Map screen has two modes, position or cursor. In the position mode, your present position is indicated by the large arrow icon in the center of the display.  In the Cursor Mode, you are provided with a cursor that can be moved on the map.

  • The Large Data screen is similar to the Compass screen but here the compass has been removed to allow for large display of the navigation data.

  • The Position screens 1 and 2 display your present position using the coordinate systems that you have selected in Setup. This screen shows all of the basic position, time and satellite information. In addition, current navigation information is shown in the bottom half of the screen.

  • The Road screen presents your route as if you were travelling on a road.  Above the road is a compass that displays your heading and above that are four customizable data fields.

  • The Data screen provides you with six data fields and an active compass that is the same as the one used on the road screen.

  • The Speedometer screen displays your speed in a familiar graphical format. There are four additional data fields at the top of the display that can be customized to display the data that you need. The bottom of the screen contains a trip odometer that will record the distance travelled since the last time the odometer was reset.

  • The Satellite Status screen provides you with a graphical display of the satellites in view and which ones are being used to compute the navigation data. The bar graph shows you the relative signal strength being received for each satellite.

Battery Life Up to 14 hours - 2 AA alkaline batteries
Receiver 12 parallel-channel technology, tracks up to 12 satellites to compute and update information with quadrifilar attena
Acquisition Times
  • Warm - approximately 15 seconds
  • Cold - approximately 1 minute
  • Update Rate - 1 second continuous
Position Accuracy
  • Normal - 7 meters, 95% 2D RMS
  • WAAS - < 3 meters, 95% 2D RMS
Velocity Accuracy 0.1 knot RMS steady state
Max Speed 951 mph
Max Altitude 17,500 meters
Size 16.5 cm (H) x 7.08 cm (W) x 3.05 cm (D)
Weight 8 ounces with batteries installed
Operating Temperature 14 °F to 140 °F to (-10 °C to 60 °C)
Housing Weatherproof construction, wraparound rubber armor
  • Magellan Meridian Gold GPS
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual
  • Spare Batteries