Huberg METREX2 Portable Methane & Propane Leak Detector Rental

  • Methane (CH4) and Propane (C3H8) measurement.
  • Three measurement ranges (PPM, %Vol, %LEL).
  • Up to 8 hours battery life (rechargeable NiMH batteries).
  • Built-in sampling pump.
  • Acoustic and visual alarms.
  • Internal memory for data logging.
  • Bluetooth communication.
Rental Rates
Daily Weekly Monthly
$90.00 $296.00 $886.00

The METREX2 is a digital gas detection instrument which can be used for systematical survey of natural and town gas networks and for leak detection outside as well as inside of buildings.

Due to its compact design and modest size the METREX2 can be transported easily and the large LCD-display with the instantaneous reading of the gas concentration makes it simple to work with this device. Furthermore, a selection of various types of probes makes it possible to use it at points otherwise difficult to reach.

The METREX2 has three measuring ranges: PPM (part per million), %Vol (volumetric) and the LEL (Lower Explosion Limit). The METREX2 has three sensors: one semiconductor sensor, one pellistor pair sensors and one volumetric thermal conductivity pair sensors.

This unit is designed to comply with the ATEX directive. 

  Range Resolution Min Sensitivity
0-100% LEL (CH4 - C3H8) 1-100% LEL 1% 0.1%
0-100% VOL (CH4 - C3H8) 1-100% VOL 1% 0.1%
0 - 1,000 PPM (CH4 - C3H8) 1 - 1,000 PPM 5 PPM 1 PPM
1,000 - 10,000 PPM (CH4 - C3H8) 1,000 - 10,000 PPM 100 PPM 1 PPM
Pump Type Membrane
Pump Flow 0.9 l/min
Power Supply rechargeable NiMH batteries
Power Duration More than 8 hours under normal conditions
Operating Conditions Temperature: - 25°C to 50°C
Humidity: < 95%
Storage Conditions Temperature: -40°C to 60°C
Humidity: < 95%
Buzzer Sound Level (30 cm) 85 dB (A)
Dimensions 200 mm (L) x 80 mm (H) x 120 mm (W)
Weight 2600 g