EcoBailer Clear PVC Disposable Bailers

  • sink rapidly in water without requiring additional weights
  • clear material allows visual inspection of samples
  • longer bottom spout helps prevent silt from interfering with check ball and causing potential leakage
  • more rigid and less likely to bend than competing Polyethylene bailers
  • the only bailer with optional reusable weight system to increase sink rate
  • custom emptying device for regulating discharge flow, included with every bailer
  • require less material to produce, resulting in less waste when disposed of
  • shipped in brown recycled cardboard boxes, unlike many competing bailer products
Quantity Price
1 (Individual) $6.25
24 (Case) $102.00

Made of clear, virgin PVC with a density of 1.31, Clear PVC EcoBailers sink rapidly as weighted bailers without requiring additional weighting material. Since they are clear, they allow visual inspection of well samples.