Auto-Level Surveying Equipment Rental

  • Includes auto-level standard equipment with tri-pod and survey rod (11 or 25ft).
  • Brands available include Sokkia and Topcon

*Only available for PICK-UP (Charlotte, NC) orders*

Rental Rates
Daily Weekly Monthly
$36.00 $105.00 $313.00

The Sokkia and Topcon auto-levels are ideally suited for general survey work, civil engineering and construction work. The Auto-level can measure distances, height differences, and angles in the field. The rental includes the auto-level with standard equipment, tri-pod, and survey rod (11ft or 25ft rods available).

Specifications for Sokkia C31
Objective Aperture 36mm
Magnification 24x
Field of view 1°25' (2.5m at 100m)
Resolving Power 3.5"
Minimum Focus 0.3m (1ft)
Stadia Ratio 1:100
Additive Constant 0
Horizontal Circle Diameter: 103mm ; Graduation: 1° or 1 gon
Automatic Compensator Range ±15'
Circular Level Sensitivity 10' / 1mm
STD for 1 km (1 mile) of double run leveling ±2mm (0.008 ft)
  • Auto-Level
  • Tripod
  • Survey Rod (11 or 25 ft.)