American Industrial ACA Series Heat Exchangers

The American Industrial ACA Series heat exchanger cools air with air, making it a simple inexpensive way to cool when compared to other water-cooled or refrigerant cooled systems. The unique compact brazed fin/tube design or serviceable core design provide efficient cooling and low maintenance under the warmest environmental conditions. By using an ACA series air-cooled after cooler, machine tools will recieve cooler dryer air, provide longer trouble free life, experience less down time, and be cost effective to operate on a continuous basis.


Superior Cooling Fins
Copper tubes are mechanically bonded to highly efficient aluminum cooling fins. Die-formed fin collars provide a durable precision fit for maximum heat transfer. Custom fin design forces are to become turbulent and carry heat away more efficiently than old flat fin designs.

State-of-the-art high temperature brazing method insures permanent bond and positive contact of tube to manifold, eliminating leaks and providing maximum service life.

Serviceable Core
Core covers disassemble for easy access and cleaning. Repairable design for applications that require limited down time or in the event of a mishap requiring repair. Roller expanded tube to tube-sheet joint. 100% mechanical bond. Positive gasket seal is field replaceable for field maintenance or repair.

Operating Temperature and Pressure
Operating Temperature of 400°F and pressure of 150 PSI