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Enviro-Equipment Inc. Donates AGI Earth Science Kits to North Carolina Teachers’ Association (NCSTA)

Enviro-Equipment Inc. (EEI) has partnered with the Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists (AEG) to donate earth science kits to North Carolina's teachers and students. The donation is part of EEI's 20+ year commitment to advance science, scholarship and education in environmental and engineering geology.

Enviro-Equipment Inc. (EEI), a leading environmental monitoring equipment sales, rental and service company, has partnered with the Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists (AEG) to donate AGI Earth Science Kits to the North Carolina Science Teachers’ Association (NCSTA).

The kits, which will be distributed to science teachers at their Professional Development Institute (PDI) on November 8-9 at the Boston Convention Center in Winston-Salem, NC, include:

  • A 12-month school-year activity calendar, suitable for hanging
  • The new Earth Science Week poster, including a learning activity
  • National Park Service items on geologic time and careers
  • A genuine field notebook from Rite in the Rain
  • NASA education resources on climate, careers, and contests
  • A geoscience careers poster from Soil Science Society of America
  • A detailed cloud chart by GLOBE
  • Educational material from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • A temporary tattoo of the JOIDES Resolution research ship
  • A GIS-in-science-education resource from Esri
  • Activity sheets from the Association for Women Geoscientists
  • Brochures, bookmarks, fact sheets, postcards, and more

“The AEG is one of the few professional organizations that are extensively involved in promoting environmental education through scholarships, grants and other key activities,” commented Denise Chew, President of EEI. “We’re honored to partner with them, and help improve the quality and effectiveness of North Carolina’s science teachers so that students become more interested in the growing earth sciences field.”

“Enviro-Equipment has been one of the strongest supporters of the local and national AEG over the past 20 years,” commented Jane Gill-Shaler, AEG member and newsletter editor. “We thank them for their active involvement in the advancement of the science, scholarship and education in environmental and engineering geology. We can always count on EEI to support our field trips, seminars, professional meetings and educational outreach to students”.

Details on EEI’s donation at a recent AEG meeting in Greensboro, NC, along with photos of the event, are available on the company’s blog at: blog

For more information or media inquiries, contact Rand Ratterree at randratterree(at)enviroequipment(dot)com or 704-588-7970.

Earth Science Kit AEG Donation

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