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Enviro-Equipment Inc. Awarded Exclusive Contract to Manufacture Patent-Pending CleanInject™ Remediation System

Environmental monitoring equipment sales, rental and service company Enviro-Equipment Inc. tapped by CleanInject, LLC to make its patent-pending technology available to the environmental consulting industry. Enviro-Equipment Inc. was chosen due to its expertise in remediation system manufacturing and its solid reputation for expertise and integrity.

Enviro-Equipment Inc. (EEI), which manufactures soil and groundwater remediation systems and controls in addition to selling, renting and servicing environmental monitoring equipment, has been awarded the exclusive contract to manufacture the patent-pending CleanInject™ system.

The CleanInject™ system is optimized for use with bulk activated carbon-based injectates (CBI), which compared to other injectates is cleaner, safer, and will not react with or destroy subsurface structures (e.g. tanks and pipes). Plus, CBI remains in place much longer than other injectibles, and can be installed as a protective barrier around drinking water wells, or used as a release barrier below new or existing liquid waste structures. It is also typically more suitable for challenging geologic conditions (e.g. glacial deposits and fractured bedrock).

“After considerable research and field testing, we developed the patent-pending CleanInject™ system,” commented Tom Lewis, P.E., co-inventor of the CleanInject™ technology, and Manager of CleanInject, LLC. “In order to make the technology available to others in the environmental contracting industry, we wanted to team with a reputable company with the solid experience and ability to manufacture injection systems using our technology.  Based on my past experience with Enviro-Equipment, Inc., I knew they would be my first choice! We were glad they accepted the opportunity to manufacture systems using our technology.”

“Subsurface injection of granular media just got a lot easier and a lot cleaner,” commented Brian Chew, Vice President of Enviro-Equipment Inc., who also wrote about the contract award and Tom’s white paper “Remediating Petroleum Contaminants with Activated Carbon Injectates” on his company’s blog. We are very excited about working with Tom and the opportunity to build the CleanInject™ trailers."

For more information or media inquiries, contact Brian E Chew, Sr. P.G. at remediation(at)enviroequipment(dot)com or 704-556-7723.

About Enviro-Equipment, Inc.

Enviro-Equipment, Inc., a woman-owned small business founded in 1993, rents, sells, and manufactures environmental monitoring equipment used for pollution control, groundwater remediation, water and wastewater treatment, safety and industrial hygiene, and environmental assessment. The company’s Charlotte, NC facility also offers environmental monitoring instruments, field sampling supplies, safety products, equipment repair, and training. Enviro-Equipment's customers include colleges and universities, government agencies, industry, and environmental consultants in the ground-water hydrology and industrial hygiene fields in North America.