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Enviro-Equipment Inc. Applauds Use of Stimulus Funds Invested in Carbon Based Injectate Technology

Brian Chew, P.G. of Enviro-Equipment Inc. comments on the positive impact that stimulus-funded carbon based injectate (CBI) technology is having on contaminated sites throughout the United States.

Groundwater remediation equipment company Enviro-Equipment Inc. is applauding the use of stimulus funds that have been invested in carbon based injectate technology (CBI), which in turn has been used to clean up properties in South Carolina that would otherwise remain contaminated.

“Unlike Recovery Act investments in solar and wind, which are not delivering an ROI to taxpayers, investments in carbon based injectate technology will go much further,” commented Brian Chew, P.G., Vice President of Enviro-Equipment Inc. “Furthermore, many of the sites that need to be cleaned up are decade-old spills, and so rehabilitating them is a boom not just for the environment, but for the economy as well, since they can be used once again for commercial and other purposes.”

In commenting on the beneficial use of stimulus funds, Chew referred specifically to a gas station site in St. George, SC that was injected in August, 2012 using the CleanInject™ system with powdered activated carbon (PAC) and no additives. Representatives from the EPA and South Carolina Dept. of Health And Environmental Control (SCDHEC) were present on-site during the second day of injecting. The site’s groundwater will be sampled and laboratory analysis will be performed this October. It’s expected that no further action will be required, aside from one more round of sampling and analysis in early 2013 to verify that the site remains clean.

Enviro-Equipment Inc. was tapped recently by CleanInject, LLC to make its patent-pending technology available to the environmental consulting industry. Enviro-Equipment was chosen due to its expertise in building high quality custom remediation systems, and its solid reputation for integrity and service.

The CleanInject™ carbon based Injectate system offers a number of key benefits, including:

  • It minimizes dust emissions in order to provide a safer work environment for employees and others in the vicinity of the injection project and minimizes the potential for dust to enter nearby building ventilation systems.
  • It provides a more accurate way to measure and mix the dry and liquid components of the injectate.
  • It features the ability to minimize the number of employees required at the project site while maximizing production rates.
  • It minimizes the work space required for the mixing equipment.
  • It operates in freezing, rainy, windy or other adverse weather conditions.
  • It enables environmental contractors and drillers to use their own probing equipment for injection projects.

“We were really impressed with how well the CleanInject™ carbon based injectate system worked to minimize the dust. The 4-day injection process went like clockwork, despite the fact that the work was done in the rain thanks to Hurricane Isaac,” stated Chew.

For more information or media inquiries, contact Brian Chew at brianchew(at)enviroequipment(dot)com or 704-556-7723.

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