Our New Download Service For Noise Level Monitoring & Water/Air Quality Monitoring Equipment

Our New Download Service For Noise Level Monitoring & Water/Air Quality Monitoring Equipment

Lower your risks. Save some headaches. Make your customers very happy.

These days, customers want clear data, concise reports, and easy-to-understand graphical analysis of the work that environmental consultants perform. Meeting these expectations isn’t easy. Instrumentation-related software and hardware are more complex than ever and even the most computer savvy consultants can struggle with problems like:

• Incompatible operating systems (OS) or bits
• IT security that won’t allow downloading or installing software and/or hardware
• Downloads or installations that are so complicated, that they must be handled by trained IT professionals – who may not be readily available
• Wasted hours (and lots of stress!) downloading, installing, troubleshooting, and creating the precise and clear reports that customers demand

These are just some of problems; there are many others, and perhaps you’ve run into a few (or many) of them.

So in light of all of this, ask yourself how much simpler, faster, cheaper and smarter it would be to run the necessary tests, and then hand over the instrument to an expert –who is familiar with the programs required– to download your data, efficiently manipulate the software and/or hardware and then package your reports in a format that makes your customer happy?

Well, if that makes sense, then you’ll be very interested Enviro Equipment Inc.’s new Download Service. Our professionally-trained staff will help you gather the required data from a particular environmental instrument, and send it to you via email in any number of accessible formats. All you need to do is interpret the collected data instead of worry about IT problems. Because we know that your time is your money, our turnaround time is fast, either the same-day or next business day.

Ultimately, our download service is designed to protect the reputation of environmental consultants as well as their profit margin. Remember that (1) budgets don’t always allow for unforeseen computer-related problems, (2) budgets won’t cover you if you’re forced to pay for extra rental days or any other expenses that you incur and (3) that money comes out of your pocket.

Our advice? If you want to lower your risks, save yourself a few headaches and make your customers happier, take advantage of our Download Service as it covers a wide range of environmental instruments/equipment, including:

Noise Level Monitoring Equipment

• Quest Q-300 Noise Dosimeters
• CEL 490 Type 1 Octave Band Analyzer
• CEL 430 Type 1 Sound Level Meter
• CEL 360 Noise Dosimeter / Sound Level Meter
• CEL 350 Noise Dosimeters

Water Quality Monitoring Equipment

• In-Situ LevelTROLL 700 Pressure Transducer
• In-Situ MiniTROLL Pressure Transducer

Air Quality Monitoring Equipment (OVA | IAQ | GAS)

• Microdust PRO Dust Monitor
• QRAE II 4-gas
• MultiRAE 4-gas w/ PID
• MiniRAE 2000 PID
• MiniRAE 3000 PID
• ppbRAE 2000 PID
• TSI 9555X IAQ Meter

To learn more our download service, contact us at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-274-8929.

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