Swapping Stories & Science at the Clemson University Hydrogeology Symposium

Swapping Stories & Science at the Clemson University Hydrogeology Symposium

EEI was proud to exhibit our company and products at the Clemson University Hydrogeology Symposium on April 12. It was a very popular event. In fact, there were more than 350 attendees – making it the most well-attended symposium yet. Who said that geologists don’t like to party? Get a few beers in us, and the tales start to flow…

But, of course, we weren’t there to drink beer and tell huge lies to Clemson University students of how cool we were back in school. Rather, we were there to discuss (and debate) a wide range of important issues, such as assessment techniques and remediation methods, including ISCO and ISCR.  And we were also there to share information and learn from other vendors, such as analytical laboratories and others.

While I enjoyed sharing knowledge, meeting old friends and making new ones, the highlight of the event for me was the incredibly positive response we received at the EEI booth when we displayed an operational prototype of our OxyGreen pure oxygen cell.

The display included an OxyGreen cell placed in a clear PVC mock well filled with tap water. The cell was connected to a DC power supply, which was plugged into 115v power. Visitors to our booth could see the electrolysis process in action, and the large volume of oxygen and hydrogen produced. As mentioned, the response was very positive and encouraging, especially from consultants and SCDHEC regulators.

Overall, the Symposium lived up to its expectations – yet again – as being a very important and enjoyable event. And it wasn’t just because of the science.  The famous (or infamous, depending on who you talk with) mixer, which takes place at the geology museum, was a blast. Scott Brame made sure that there was plenty of beer from all over the world, and things to munch on as well. And of course, after a few beers, the truth began to flow and the awful jokes began to get worse.  To see pictures from the event go to http://www.facebook.com/EnviroEquipment

Indeed, if only I could design an OxyGreen type of device that wouldn’t create oxygen, but would instead remove the BS from geologists’ stories, I’d be a billionaire! Maybe for next year…

And speaking of next year: the next Clemson University Hydrogeology Symposium will be held on May 4, 2013. I hope to see you there!

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