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For measuring the depth of water in wells, boreholes, and standpipes, the Model 101

Water Level Meter is the most accurate and reliable of the Solinst meters. It is easy to operate and read to 1/100 ft. or to each millimeter. Also available, from Solinst, is the less expensive Model 102 Coaxial Cable Water Level Meter for use in small diameter tubes.

Operating Principles

The Model 101 Water Level Meter uses a choice of probe designs, attached to a permanently marked polyethylene tape, fitted on a well-balanced reel. It is powered by a standard 9 volt battery housed in an easy-access battery drawer. The conductors embedded within the tape each have seven strands of stainless steel for strength and flexibility.

The probe incorporates an insulating gap between electrodes. When contact is made with water, the circuit is completed, activating a loud buzzer and a light. The water level is then determined by taking a reading directly from the tape at the top of the well casing or borehole.

An accurate tape for use in narrow diameter applications.

The Mini 101 Water Level Meter is ideal for use in narrow diameter applications as small as 3/8" (10 mm).

The narrow 1/4" (6 mm) tape is mounted on a convenient small reel that is light weight and fits easily into a backpack. The accurate, flat white tape is marked each 1/100 ft. or each mm.

The Mini 101 is available in 30 ft, 65 ft, 10m and 20m lengths. The P1 probe is designed to be as small as possible, with a diameter of 0.3" (7.6mm) and the P2 probe has a diameter of 0.375" (9.5mm) and is a little heavier. Both probes have segmented weights.