Environmental Monitoring Equipment & Supplies • Sales, Rental & Service by Enviro-Equipment — Charlotte, North Carolina USA

QUESTION: Do I need to fill out a form or get a RA # (Return Authorization Number) for the equipment I plan to send in?

Answer: No, simply send your equipment with a note explaining the problems you are experiencing or the work you would like to have done along with your contact information. If you desire, we have a RMA Form you can fill out, but it is not required.

QUESTION: What address do I send my equipment to?

Answer: For portable instrumentation repair and calibration send to:
Enviro-Equipment, Inc.
Attn: Repairs
11180 Downs Road
Pineville, NC 28134

For Remediation Equipment repairs please call 866-655-8267 to discuss your needs.

QUESTION: When I send equipment in for repair do I need to send all the accessories with the unit?

Answer: Anything that is part of normal operation and calibration for your unit needs to be sent in. Such as calibration gas, instruction manuals, pumps and calibration adapters for gas meters, membranes and internal reference solutions for water quality equipment.

QUESTION: How long is the turn-around period for repaired equipment?

Answer: Typically 1-2 weeks depending on how quickly a manufacture can send repair parts if needed.

QUESTION: If I need my equipment repaired before the typical 1-2 weeks is that possible?

Answer: Yes, for a fee we would adjust our schedule to meet your needs.

QUESTION: What types of portable equipment do you service?

Answer: We service a wide array of water quality meters, gas meters, water pumps, PID (photo ionization detectors), FIDs (flame ionization detectors), water tapes and interface probes.

QUESTION: How often should my PID be thoroughly cleaned and calibrated?

Answer: At least monthly or your sensor block may become contaminated.