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YSI 55 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
  • Temperature: -5 to +45°C
  • Dissolved Oxygen: 0 to 200% air saturation; 0 to 20 mg/L

This item is no longer available for rent.

The YSI 55 Handheld Dissolved Oxygen System is a rugged, micro-processor based, digital meter with an attached YSI dissolved oxygen probe.

The YSI 55 is designed for field use and is available with a cable length of 50 feet. The body of the probe has been manufactured with stainless steel to add rugged durability and sinking weight. The large Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is easy to read and is equipped with a back-light for use in dark or poorly lighted areas.

The Model 55's micro-processor allows the system to be easily calibrated with the press of a few keys. Additionally, the micro-processor performs a self-diagnostic routine each time the instrument is turned on. The self-diagnostic routine provides you with useful information about the function of the instrument circuitry and the quality of the readings you obtain.

Simultaneous Display

The system simultaneously displays temperature in °C and dissolved oxygen in either mg/L (milligrams per liter) or % air saturation.

Spash Resistant

The YSI Model 55 instrument case is splash resistant. You can operate your Model 55 in a steady rain without damage to the instrument.

100 Hours of Continuous Operation

The instrument is powered by six AA-size alkaline batteries. A new set of alkaline batteries will provide approximately 100 hours of continuous operation.

Built in Calibration / Storage Cup

A calibration\storage chamber is built into the instrument case. A small sponge in the chamber can be moistened to provide a water saturated air environment that is ideal for air calibration of the dissolved oxygen probe. This chamber also provides a convenient place to store the probe when the system is not in use, and provides protection for the electrodes within the conductivity probe.

Field Replaceable D.O. Membrane

Easy to install cap membranes for measuring dissolved oxygen

Rugged Durability & Sinking Weight

The body of the probe has been manufactured with stainless steel

Items Included:
  • YSI 55 Meter
  • DO Replacement Membranes
  • Spare Batteries
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual
YSI 55 User Manual537.64 KB