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  • Measures conductivity (0 to 200 mS/cm), salinity (0 to 80 ppt), and temperature (-5 to +95°C).
  • 10ft. cable length.
  • Powered by 6 AA batteries, up to 100 hours of operation.
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YSI 30 (Cond, Salinity, Temp) Rental $30.00 $90.00 $270.00

The YSI Model 30 Handheld Salinity, Conductivity, & Temperature System is a rugged, micro-processor based, digital meter with an attached YSI four electrode conductivity cell. The Model 30 is designed for use in field, lab, and process control applications and is available with a cable length of 10 feet.

The large Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is easy to read and is equipped with a back-light for use in dark or poorly lighted areas.

Though calibration is NOT required, a single calibration will adjust the instrument, regardless of which parameter you wish to read. You can switch back and forth from salinity, conductivity, and temperature compensated conductivity with a single push of the MODE key.

Items Included:
  • YSI 30
  • Calibration Record
  • Instruction Manual
  • Hard Case
  • (6) AA Spare Batteries






0 to 499.9 μS/cm
0 to 4999 μS/cm
0 to 49.99 mS/cm
0 to 200 mS/cm

0.1 μS/cm
1.0 μS/cm
0.01 mS/cm
0.1 mS/cm

±0.5% FS
±0.5% FS
±0.5% FS
±0.5% FS


0 to 80 ppt

0.1 ppt

±2%, or ±0.1 ppt


-5 to +95°C


±0.1°C ±1 LSD


ABS, Stainless Steel, and other materials.


6 AA-size Alkaline Batteries (included) Approximately 100 hours of operation from each new set of batteries Automatic shutoff after 10 hours operation without a key press

Water Tightness

Meets or exceeds IP65 standards

Probe Operating Environment

Fresh, sea, or polluted water and most other liquid solutions


0 to 10 feet

Meter Ambient Operating/Storage Temperature

-10 to +50°C

Adjustable Conductivity Reference Temperature

15°C to 25°C

Adjustable Temperature Compensation Factor for Conductivity

0% to 4%

Temperature Compensation



User selected or Autoranging for Conductivity

YSI 30 User Manual821.23 KB