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  • 1-10 GPM (1/2" inlet/outlet) or 5-50 GPM (1" inlet/outlet) models available.
  • Displays flow rate and cumulative flow.
Title Daily Rate Weekly Rate Monthly Rate
GPI 1/2 Inch Digital Flow Meter / Totalizer Rental $30.00 $90.00 $270.00
GPI 1 Inch Digital Flow Meter / Totalizer Rental $30.00 $90.00 $270.00

Information is clearly displayed on a large 6‑digit LCD readout with two‑point floating decimal for totals from .01 to 999,999. All operations are easily accessed with the two buttons on the front panel. The CMOS, microprocessor‑based electronics have extremely low power requirements and data retention capabilities in both RAM and ROM.

Liquid flows through the turbine housing causing an internal rotor to spin. As the rotor spins, an electrical signal is generated in the pickup coil. This pulse data is translated from the turbine into calibrated flow units shown on the computer's readout.

All GPI turbines are designed to measure flow in only one direction. The direction is indicated by the arrow cast‑molded in the turbine outlet. If the computer display is upside down, remove the four screws, turn the display 180° and reinstall the screws.

Items Included:
  • GPI Flow Meter
  • Instruction Guide

Flow Meter Inlet/Outlet Size

Minimum Flow Rate Required

Linear Flow Range

Maximum Flow



1-10 GPM

15 GPM



5-50 GPM

75 GPM

Operating Temperature

+14° to +140°F (-10° to +60°C)

Storage Temperature

-40° to 158°F (-40° to +70°C)

Internal Power Supply

2 Lithium Batteries at 3 volts each

Minimum Battery Life

4,000 operational hours

Optional External Power

5.75 volts DC ±5%