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Gilian Gilibrator Air Flow Calibrator Rental
  • Standard Flow Cell: 20 cc/min - 6 L/min
  • High Flow Cell: 2 - 30 L/min

This item is no longer available for rent.

The Gilian Gilibrator is a wet (uses fluid flow) calibrator used for air sampling pump calibration. The Gilibrator generates a bubble film and measures the flow rate of the bubble through the flow cell using infrared sensors. The flow rate is then calculated and displayed. The Gilibrator makes air sampling pump calibration quick and simple. The Gillibrator is factory calibrated annually to ensure accuracy that is NIST traceable.

Direct Flow Readings

The easy to read LCD read-out on the Control Unit (base) instantly displays flow readings.

Auto Averaging

A switch on the Control Unit provides Auto-Averaging of the successive flow readings.

Flow Delete Function

A Flow Delete switch allows the user to delete erroneous flow readings from the Auto-Averaging function. For example, if a double bubble or other obvious malfunction is observed, that reading can be subtracted from the auto-average and will automatically reset the average to itís previous value.

Programmable Update

The micro-processor electronic design allows programmable updates to assure a long useful service life.

Pulsation Damper

The pulsation damper removes pulsation from the flow source for higher accuracy sampling as well as eliminating pulsations back into the flow source during bubble generation.

Ring Bubble Generator

The Ring Bubble Generator lifts an even soap film from the soap reservoir and provides consistent bubble generation.

Bubble Breaker

The Bubble Breaker design allows the soap film to be drawn away from the end of the flow tube before bursting. This improves flow measurement accuracy by minimizing film residue within the flow tube.

Programmable Update

The electronics design allows programmable updates to assure a long, useful service life.

Items Included:
  • Gilian Gilibrator
  • Carrying Case
  • Battery Charger
  • Spare Soap
  • Owners Manual
  • Tubing
  • Factory Calibration Certificate
Gilian Gilibrator User Manual3.21 MB